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Mac Pro Repair Girl… Does she make house calls?

OK, is it just me or is there something ridiculously sexy when a girl knows how to upgrade a computer, let alone a Pro machine? Come to think of it, my Mac Pro has actually been acting up a bit lately. I wonder if this girl makes house calls? (Warning, I estimate this pic may not be safe at a good 80% of workplaces).

10 Responses to “Mac Pro Repair Girl… Does she make house calls?”
  1. Cap'n Pugwash says:

    now just stand over there and look into my mac pro

    yes daddy

  2. Richard says:

    1) you should need pliers for anything in a mac pro!
    2) she is clearly not earthed, very bad for the mac pro
    3) the Mac pro is clearly not earthed
    4) no matching pink bra.

    just not up to Apples standards..

  3. zmttoxics says:

    Hawt. I would never let my girlfriend work on my G5 though – just not worth it.

  4. Durango says:

    I’m not thinking repair here, more like “where do I watch the Jessica Simpson video, there’s got to be a screen on here somewhere”

  5. Jonro says:

    Hello? Mr. Jobs? Are you in there?

  6. Xeno says:

    I’m a developer and my wife is a sys admin. One of the first things we did when we were dating was install an AMD chip into a new motherboard and install Linux on an old box; this was back in 99. 🙂

    Just last week she painstakingly tore all the keys off her Macbook Pro to clean it off and then put them all back on.

  7. jeff says:

    can she step aside so that we can see that beautiful mac.

  8. Aron T says:

    While some guys find chick mechanics hot – this definitely takes the cake.

    rm -rf / is far more unsettling than anything in a garage…

  9. wubwub says:

    Will she marry me??

  10. Andy says:

    Step aside you ingrates! I see a damsel in distress and I shall come to her aide…. if she has a firm grasp on the technology, I’ll gladly observe and offer helpful pointers as needed.

    I do have to admire her for removing and loose fitting garments to avoid entanglement in the mac’s inner workings.

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