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Mach Dice makes D&D dice slightly less nerdy (I think)

Mach Kobayashi‘s virtual dice rolling simulator “Mach Dice” does what most of us thought could not be done – it makes rolling Dungeons and Dragons dice cool. Well, cooler, anyway. It even throws in some pseudo holographic goodness for good measure (and actually exists, unlike David O’Reillys phantom-app iHologram).

I’ve made no secret of my love MotionX Poker, and it looks like Mach Dice has bested even MotionX’s dice-rolling physics. While MotionX will roll the dice based on your shaking of the iPhone and the dice will bounce realistically into one another, Mach Dice will actually roll dice based on the angle of the phone, as well as perform some pretty cool perspective tricks based on the the iPhone’s accelerometer. Check out the video below to see the programming coolness.

Unfortunately, aside from the the actual dice rolling SIM, there is no real game here – Mach Dice is meant to serve as a substitute for physical dice, and that’s it. Of course, at only 99¢ it is a small price to pay for never being caught by a girl with a bag full of 20-sided dice.

8 Responses to “Mach Dice makes D&D dice slightly less nerdy (I think)”
  1. ssj_goha says:

    Hey my wife and I (yes i’m married to a girl) both love d&d and we both carry around a bag of dice. you can never know when a good d&d session will break out.

  2. ssj,

    Actually, I’m fairly confident I DO know when a game of D&D will break out…
    -The Doc

  3. Sugapablo says:

    No, Mach Dice makes D&D dice slightly MORE nerdy (I think). 😀

  4. Dave-O says:

    Makes me want to play some D&D

  5. Lance Ennen says:

    SICK!!! Nice work!!!

  6. Kilik says:

    I think instead of the whole thing being nerdy the whole point is the dice could be used for other things.

    Sorry but I perfer my dice ol’school.

  7. Will says:

    This is a really cool application! This makes gaming more fun as it provides another option. Between this, PDF Books, and MS Word based charactor record sheets, the only thing left is a simple mapping paper program. I draw the line with webcam gaming though. Call me crazy, but at a minimum, I must have real people at a real table. Thanks again Mach!

  8. James Bona says:

    I’m the developer of a similar iPhone/iPod Touch application called dynamicDICE. It is a true 3d dice simulator, not a calculator or random number generator. It supports 5 independent tables, 20 backgrounds, 20 dice styles, all RPG dice types, 3d physics engine, full 3d view, and multi-language support. I hope you enjoy.

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