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Rafael Nadal Gets BSoD – Time to Get A Mac?

Current number 1 ranked tennis star Rafael Nadal has apparently been having some trouble with his Windows laptop lately. Nadal, who writes a blog for the Times Online, has been experiencing some Blue Screen of Death crashes with growing frequency, thus hampering his ability to post timely updates. Writes Nadal:

“Hi everyone,

First of all apologies for not sending the blog yesterday and the day before. I did send the answers to your questions before but when I was writing the blog my screen went blue and the laptop crashed. I couldn’t believe it. I lost everything and could not get it back on.

Something is wrong with it. I might have to go and buy a new one since it’s being happening for a while now. It is also bad for me since I normally look every day to the newspapers to keep me informed of what’s going on. I don’t know how would it be nowadays to live without internet. Can you imagine?

For me to have internet and my laptop is fundamental. I chat with friends, read the newspapers, look for anything, just everything. If we want to go out and we want to make a reservation for anything we look at it on the internet. So to have my computer crashing is simply a mess…”

As much as my inner Apple fanboy wants to blame Nadal’s laptop problems 100% on Microsoft’s OS, perhaps it’s not entirely Windows’ fault. What if he sat on it? I mean, good lord, what’s the deal with Nadal’s ass?!? Not that I’m looking, but it almost knocks you down! No piece of computer hardware could take that kind of abuse!

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Vicente for the tip!
[Butt shot via Tennis Planet]

9 Responses to “Rafael Nadal Gets BSoD – Time to Get A Mac?”
  1. nakagawa says:

    As a brazilian, it’s nice to see some news on brazilian people, didn’t know Nadal had a blog 😀

    loved the comment on his ass. I thought the same thing when I saw this picture.

    keep the good work, guys

  2. He is not Brazilian, but Spanish.

  3. Kensei says:

    PORN. RAFAEL my friend. Lay off the Porn ;p

  4. Tice says:

    The photo looks strange – was my first thought too. Maybe he’s using pampers for adults? There sure is to much volume in this area. ; )

  5. Phelix says:

    He was definitely playing for Spain at the Beijing Olympics..

  6. paulie says:

    he has a really naturally muscular, round rear. hot hot hot hot hot. I seem to be the only gay reader here. great; more for me.

  7. trevorblanco says:

    Please don’t start a MacDude on the Month. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but maybe post it on Brideof macenstein.

  8. Ginger says:

    I friggen LOVE Rafa’s ASS!! OMG!! I am a women, not a gay man, but the dirty things i want to do with that ASS11 Man i want to stick my fingers up that big SEXY ASS of his and do more if he would let me!! And i want him to F the Shyt outa me, he is SEXY, i bet he is HOT in bed!!! I love his muscles and tan pretty skin too!!

  9. Ginger says:

    OMG, I forgot to mention!! That sexy grunting he does when he hits the ball!! Oh that get;s me HOT!! I want him on top of me, humpimg me hard, grunting I would grab that big ASS and push him So hard into me!! I wou;dn’t even want to be on top or do doggie style with him, it’s all about this boys ASS, him on top better acsess to grab onto that hot sexy butt!!

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