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Can you spot the iPhone?

I suppose it is both a talent and a curse that I can look at this photo and see the iPhone…

Yes, that is once again Shauna Sand, who is looking quite a bit better than the last time we saw her, and still rocking the white iPhone 3G. Good thing I wasn’t at Sunset One in West Hollywood Monday night. It would have been soooo embarrassing to have shown up wearing the same outfit.

[via Pacific Coast News]

11 Responses to “Can you spot the iPhone?”
  1. Alex says:

    I see London, I see France, I see an iPhone and underpants.

  2. Chaplare AKA Jonathan says:

    The real question here Doc is, did you spot the iPhone first?

  3. matt says:

    same shoes?!?

    in these new pics with those funny straps around her ankles, in the old ones w/o…

    yuck, that “babe” is a poster child for everyting I don´t want in a woman – fscking “cut to fit a certain stereotype” cyborg

  4. Lapo says:

    The girl. So awfully rebuilt from… from what?

  5. tami says:


    Let’s just say the girl can’t stand too close to any heating source…

  6. Jonro says:

    You only said that because you know you’re wife is reading this. 😉

  7. Gramb says:

    I think she looks great, for a transvestite.

  8. dropd says:

    would u really kik her out of bed? really? i think not. if you were even lucky enuff to see her underwear let alone be in a bed with her… you would hit that? c’mon. shes a playmate evennnnn.

  9. MasterMacNikon says:

    Like Kevin Smith said, paraphrasing: fat guys, like me, are so slobberingly grateful for any **ssy their thrown. I would love to have her in my bed. But that is just the horn-dog in me. (pant, pant, >wipe mouth<)


    Too much lips, loose the whore eyeliner, and I would like to see a picture without direct flash. It might be slightly more flattering.

  10. Master Mac Nikon,

    Are you saying the only way she’d look good is with the lights off?

    I kind of agree.

    I think porn has destroyed the real woman. Is she from porn because she’s certainly not a real woman.

  11. HardCharger says:

    matt = gay
    Lapo = gay
    Gramb = gay
    Loweded Wookie = gay

    Come on guys….are you serious????? would you really say no to that?!

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