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FEIST beta is spooky, bizare, FREE, and cool as hell

Above: No, it’s not the 1,2,3,4 Feist, it’s a weird furry ball guy.

FEIST, a beautiful new 2D side scrolling platformer for the Mac created by Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz using the Unity engine has entered beta testing, and is available as a free download (Mac OSX only). The game has a definite spooky vibe thanks to its almost completely silhouette-style graphics and controlled use of color, and there are some pretty cool physics being employed here. The trippy landscapes and characters running around this world make for some pretty engaging gameplay, even if you don’t know what you are supposed to be doing.

AHHH! These red guys are being mean to me!

Perhaps due to its “beta” status, the goal of the game is not very clear here. You play the part of a.. um.. furry ball… thing… who runs around a dimly lit forest in a seemingly endless quest to “go to the right”, as is so often the case in 2D platformers. That’s about all I can figure so far. There are some bad guys who want to smash you, but as far as I can tell they can’t actually kill you (no life meter or anything) although for some reason I found them quite scary (maybe I’m just a wuss). You can pick up (control key) and throw (alt) most objects, including rocks, spiky balls, and glowing particle “lifts” that can help you get up steep hills. To truly get an idea of how cool FEIST is and the bizarre Tim Burton-esque atmosphere the developers have managed to create, check out the video below.

For the love of God, make them go away!

For the love of God, make them go away!

[via IndieGames]

11 Responses to “FEIST beta is spooky, bizare, FREE, and cool as hell”
  1. Gramb says:

    THANK YOU!! I got to work 3 hours ago and Ive been playing it since. Awesome little game.

  2. Crappypants Magoo says:

    1, 2, 3, 4
    Bore me a little more.


    Feist, get it?

  3. Tice says:

    Hmmm … doesn’t work. The “arrow keys” always bring up the menue instead of moving (PowerBook G4 1,25GHz, 10.5.2).

  4. kmoth says:

    awesome so far! nice find!

    @Tice, hit one of the arrow keys to bring the menu up, then hit ‘1’ or ‘2’ to select a level.

  5. Bugrezilla says:

    The game graphics reminds me of the old classic “Out of this World”.

  6. Luke Henry says:

    Seems interesting.

    issues with clipping. The first “level”? I run forward and fall through the ground never to come up again. the second level.. works alright tho.

    If you go to the site it says that this is a Bachelor Thesis. So I doubt if it will ever turn into a full fledged game.

  7. ben says:

    Yeah, it instantly reminded me of Out of this World. That game was amazing. It would be a great port for this engine…I don’t really understand what I’m trying to “do” in this game…it’s beautiful, but sorta pointless right now. Not what I would call a Beta….maybe an alpha…maybe. Beta implies there was something previous…this looks like a proof-of-concept, which would be in keeping with the “thesis” tag.

  8. Lester says:

    Holy shit, I know Adrian Stutz! In fact, I’ve slept in his house at Switzerland years ago! Wow, this is really exciting to see that this is what he’s up to nowadays.

  9. xero says:

    kinda reminds me of pattapon and locoroco for the psp

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