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Google programmers moonlighting as stand-up comedians

There were initially some complaints when Google launched its Google Mobile App for the iPhone – after all, it was more or less an application for searching the web with Google, which had been built in to Safari since the iPhone first launched. However, faithful Macenstein reader Andrew may have discovered the reason why one of the wealthiest software companies in history was unable to come up with anything better. Apparently, Google’s programmers have been moonlighting as stand up comedians!

Just check out those awesome new features in the latest update to Google Mobile. “Enhanced version number” (oh, my sides!) “Lower emissions” (Please stop! I can’t breathe, I am laughing too hard!).

Well hey, I don’t want to be too critical here. I admire anyone, even a giant billion-dollar corporation, who is willing to sacrifice everything in order to follow their dream, and it looks like Google is so obsessed with honing their comedy writing that they are willing to let a 3-star app shine as their flagship iPhone app instead of putting out something truly innovative.

And besides, that’s exactly how Margaret Cho started, and I don’t even want to think of a world without her.

3 Responses to “Google programmers moonlighting as stand-up comedians”
  1. dizzy says:

    I do expect more out of the app, but I do enjoy that a billion-gazillion dollar company can still “be funny”. I did find the version number joke a bit funny, but the lower emissions joke was too soon…maybe in 1000 years when global warming is history.

  2. Jarod says:

    Global warming can’t be history if it never even existed in the first place. Who gives a crap if Google jokes, it’s their app, they’re allowed.

  3. AgentW says:

    A faint glimmer of hope for corporate humor, from the people whose map directions used to include Atlantic crossings (“…Swim across the Atlantic Ocean 3,462 mi 29 days 0 hours…”) but who grew up and got serious.

    And I’d have that Margaret Cho thing looked at, buddy.

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