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How many apps can the iPhone hold?


Just in case you cared, you can “only” have a max of 9 full pages of apps, plus the “Fab 4” in the dock for a total of 148.

Above: I had to download quite a few crappy apps to get there, but you can only have 9 pages of apps.

Well, there IS the “hidden 10th page”, but we’ll get into that later.

23 Responses to “How many apps can the iPhone hold?”
  1. R says:

    Well, there IS the “hidden 10th page”, but we’ll get into that later.

    Don’t be a tease – what’s that alla bout?

  2. Michael G says:

    Come on doc! Not like we’re ever gonna actually get to the 10th page, but we wanna know!

  3. Jonro says:

    So, how many apps do you actually use on a regular basis?

  4. kmoth says:

    I’m guessing the 10th page is the extra one you get when you’re in ‘wiggly icon rearrange mode’. It gives you a buffer page to stick things while you’re moving stuff around.

    It would only be useful for storage, you can’t launch an app while in wiggly mode. But I guess that’s better than nothing… you know, if consider 10 pages ‘nothing’

  5. Florian says:

    And you’ve actually wasted a LOT of time!

    If you would just take 10 apps, put each of them onto a different page, you would notice that the 10th one can’t be moved further.

    So 9 x 16 + 4 = 148 😉

    I have 149, because I’m running a jailbroken 2.1, but aside from that, they can’t be moved up, down or to the left, so there is NO 10th page.

    (And if you do find it and I happen to move to the us, I will buy you a beer!)

  6. DareMK says:

    well, if you use “Categories” on a jailbroken phone (which puts apps into folders of sorts) you might be able to fit more, if that’s what you’re into

  7. hellaBAY says:

    I don’t believe it. There is no hidden 10th page. He’s lying.

  8. hellaBAY says:

    ok, i apologize, i take it back

  9. dbr says:

    More interestingly, does the phone take longer to startup or return to the springboard?

    And although it would have been far more boring, you could have done this with one app per page, although that would have required maths..

  10. TIM says:

    I KNOW what the hell was he thinking he wasted all that time when we could of been jacking off… what a fucking tard. I think I herd him say that he downloaded 145 apps holly fuckin shit why not just ad web pages to your home screen or just 1 per a page for experimentally purposes.OMG!!!!!!!!! But its ok some people just don’t think before they act.

  11. Marko says:

    He lied about the 10th page. We should bend him over and make him take it up that ass

  12. Yikes Marko,

    I think I will have to respectfully decline…
    -The Doc

  13. MQ says:

    THe tenth page is true i was setting up INAV which is 9 pages and lost some of my apps to the tenth page i have to delete a bunch of blank icons to get them back the only way i could access them was from quick gold. I am hopeing to get a unhidden tenth page then i could have my screens setup perfectly

  14. kelly says:

    how do you remove unwanted apps

  15. Raym says:

    I have ten pages. I could send a snap shot if y’all want.

  16. Me says:

    lol im confused. is there a tenth page or not??

    also, is there any way to put a paassword on your text messages, photos, internet & emails.

    just so people who go looking through my phone, cant get into those sort of things.

    any help would be great 🙂


  17. steph says:

    is there a tenth page or not? im confused :S

    also, im wondering if there is a way or an app that can put a password or lock on your text messages, email, internet, etc. just so the people who look through my phone to have access to that informations.

    any help would be great. thanks 🙂

  18. Donald says:

    Can I put the question differently here ? How many apps on an iphone 3g before you get the apple icon of death ? Never quits loading or sends you for a reset ?

  19. Eric Rosinski says:

    I have 11. So that makes 180 apps

  20. MacDiva says:

    I have 180 apps on my phone on 11 pages + 4 on the bottom bar. I had 148 when I upgraded to OS 3.0 and got an extra page, then I filled it up and got another extra page when I upgraded to OS 3.1. I need more space though, anyone have any suggestions?

  21. Paul m says:

    I’m on my 12th page on a 3g .I try to go over that and it downloads
    but you can’t see it .

  22. Mike says:

    Umm…OK, there is “operationally” no limit to the number of apps you can have installed on your iphone. I have several HUNDRED apps installed (mostly paid games and some productivity apps), and it is simple – any apps past the normal 11-page mark will not show up as icons. However, they are STILL installed – you simply launch them in the FINDER app at the front of the springboard. If you forget what you have installed, you just copy and paste a copy of your installed apps, alphabetically, from your synchronized iTunes, into an updated note on Evernote – and you can look up your list of apps on the go. Then launch the finder, and just type the first few letters of the app and it pops up on the screen – then just tap it and it launches. My phone is not jailbroken. But, I will be honest – I do not keep music on my iPhone – I have a seperate ipod touch for that. All I have on my phone are apps. I have a 16GB 3G, and I have around 12GB of apps. Again, not a problem.

  23. Jewels18 says:

    10th page YAAAAY i am doing a school project on this stuff i need to know!!!!!!!

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