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How successful is Microsoft’s “I’m A PC” ad campaign?

Faithful Macenstein reader Roy writes:

Check out the Google results for “I’m a PC”.
Number one in the list…

Too funny.

OUCH. Well, to be fair, Microsfot does come in at number 2. However, faithful Macenstein reader Phelim points out that the number 3 result isn’t all that good for Microsoft either.

Too funny.

They’re surrounded!

17 Responses to “How successful is Microsoft’s “I’m A PC” ad campaign?”
  1. Daniel says:

    That’s pretty funny. You know, there’s one thing I don’t like about the Microsoft “I’m a PC” ads. Microsoft is at the point in their lifespan that they need to prove that they’re still relevant by rolling out awesome products and technologies and by defending their key markets. Operating systems are a key market, and this is the ad campaign meant to get people to like Vista. Instead of advertising Vista (which is what they should be doing, to prove they’re still relevant), they’re advertising the company in general, which is something companies usually do primarily in their infancy. Too long, didn’t read: The campaign seems very misdirected, and I think it’ll probably hurt them in the long run.

  2. Bekka says:

    What kills me about the “I’m a PC” ads, is that they spend the entire ad talking about PCs and then Microsoft doesn’t show their logo until the very end. I actually heard someone say after seeing the ad, “Oh, was that a Microsoft ad, I didn’t even notice.” It could have been for HP or Sony, they did very little to brand it.

  3. Naz says:

    Maybe because they don’t need to brand it? Seriously, the market share MS has is enough that it really won’t matter, when the average consumer hears “PC” they are NOT thinking about a Mac, Linux or any other OS based system other than Windows.

    And with the fact that the get a mac adds have been out for QUITE a while now, should be no surprise they’re the top result, it is the logical outcome, please guys you can do better than this.

  4. Sorry but this was a fail – it’s coming up as #1 for me.

  5. this is too funny. How many microsoft employees use FireFox?

  6. belyle says:

    Just for laughs, I tried the search and my top hits were all for the Microsoft ads. Perhaps your (and/or my) Google searches are tailored towards what we already look for.

  7. They’re only number 1 for that term because they’ve had that position for over a year. plus that Microsoft campaign in very young. i guarantee that ranking won’t last much longer.

  8. Kevin says:

    You do realize google organizes everyones search results based on what they look at more and what there systems tell them they want to see based on other searches…

    So what you see top isn’t what other people see first.

  9. your kidding says:

    Has anyone who reads this tried the search?

    Those are not the results, so the article is false, but I guess most mac users aren’t smart enough to check.

  10. magare says:

    i tried it. “get a mac” was on the 9th place.

  11. Pheen-no says:

    Naz, you can do better than that too – i hope. 95 % of people don’t even think Windows. Most people couldn’t put in to words what Windows or Microsoft ACTUALLY do in a computer. When someone thinks computer they think of things that can be done with they don’t think, “Oh that must mean it’s the Microsoft OS, not those other ones.” Most people don’t even know what Windows does for a computer!! When they think PC they think computer thing that they don’t understand, all they understand is emails, pictures, and so on. Which is why Microsoft is slowly crumbling. The only reason someone can still say they’re on top is because so many people haven’t known what else is in the market. Now that people are finding out that Mac’s are so much better in so many ways they are beginning to migrate. Bottom line Microsoft is not making very sound business decisions – especially since Vista. Many of the people that seek simplistic use and solid computers are beginning to think “Why not a Mac.” And to go even further, us do-it-yourselfers are just smart enough to use linux – something that doesn’t need to be touched by out-sourced people that learned to speak my language in their “Welcome to Microsoft” course.

  12. Nicco says:

    How successful is Mac vs Microsoft?

    haha, exactly!

  13. Naz says:

    Pheen-no, I get where you’re coming from, but your logic falls under its own weight. People think about what they do with their computers, not about the OS. That’s right. And what’s MS market share in consumer PC’s? Exactly. Do you really think they’ll bother looking for other options when they think something like Linux is useless for them?

  14. Mark says:

    You know, there’s one thing I don’t like about Apple… they’re turning into Microsoft.

  15. Teegan says:

    Did anyone else notice if you take the “p” out of the new MS ad campaign address you get imac….

  16. Cymrubeats says:

    Try now.

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