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Macenstein turns 3 and we’re giving YOU presents!

[Thank you, we have our winners! Congrats to faithful Macenstein readers Linda, Erik, and Scott!]

My goodness, where does the time go!? It seems like only yesterday we decided to stop wasting our time reading Mac sites and instead waste our time running one, and now here we are, celebrating our three year anniversary. And yes, like most three-year-olds, we are still growing, still saying stupid things, and still wetting the bed. But one thing we have that most 3-year-olds do NOT is our loyal fan base of faithful Macenstein readers (that’d be you). And lucky for you, because we have the typical abandonment issues common to most toddlers, we are willing to bribe you to stay around by giving away some free stuff!

These days with iPhones and iPod touches being all the rage, we figured you kids might like some iTunes gift cards, and we have three $30 ones to give away. Now be warned, this is not your average contest – those of you who remember our Wii giveaway from last Christmas may remember our code breaking challenge, and we’re back for round 2. In order to win these you will have to jump through a series of (relatively easy) hoops.

The Gist

On the following page you will find a series of clues that will unlock a secret phrase, written in code. The only help we will give you is that there are 10 words in the phrase, and the phrase itself is a reasonably popular phrase (meaning it is not gibberish like “cow the pickle man”) and will turn up in a Google search. It is up to you, however, to put those words and letters in the right order and decipher the phrase.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to once again keep this contest US-only, although non-US residents with no life should feel free to play. Three winners will be chosen randomly from all eligible entries (containing the correct solution) received before 11:59AM Eastern Time, Wednesday, September 17th. Please be sure to to include your name and a valid e-mail address where we can contact you if you should win. Winners have 3 days to come forward to claim their prize or we’ll pick a replacement winner. Limit one correct entry per person (multiple correct entries will be discarded).

OKAY! Ready? Let’s PLAY!

10 Responses to “Macenstein turns 3 and we’re giving YOU presents!”
  1. djweezy says:

    so how do we submit our correct answers?

  2. Juball says:

    Kudos on the choice of phrase.

    Best of luck to you all. 🙂

  3. Edward says:

    Where/How do we send the answer? I don’t want to leave it as a posted comment do I?

  4. dizzy says:

    Um.. that looks just complicated enough that I think I should wait till morning to read…

    Congrats on 3 years, I’ve only been a real fan for about 6-12 months, but I keep coming back because I can read the same things on MR or AI, but MACENSTEIN always has something fun and different! Keep up the good work…trust me I have learned (the hard way) it’s a lot more work than it looks like from the outside to keep a site like this up and running!

  5. Hey Guys. the 2nd to last line on the post says “ E-mail us your answer. ” Click that (or this link) to send in your answers. Thanks!
    -The Doc

  6. MasterMacNikon says:

    Like the Doctor says, be careful how you count.

    I stumbled on a word or two. 😉

  7. microsith says:

    I noticed the first page says the answer has six words, but the second page seems to indicate the answer has ten words. Is this an error, or part of the puzzle?

  8. MasterMacNikon says:


    the phrase is ten words.

  9. xero says:

    do the titles count in the number count

  10. I’m curious to see who won now. 😛

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