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Meet Hannah, the iPod touch Elf

Apple has posted a new guided tour video for the iPod touch, and I must say, the somewhat elven “Hannah” is a definite step up from both the iPhone guy and the previous iPod touch guy (I dig her pointy eyebrows and normal-sized hands.) although they all apparently shop at the same store.

10 Responses to “Meet Hannah, the iPod touch Elf”
  1. Tom says:

    Where’s John Appleseed? The guy who presented the MobileMe service and all? And Leopard?

  2. min says:

    They should make her eyebrows and hair Vulcan style. Hmmm….. Vulcan chicks are the hottest!!!!

  3. unclejerry says:

    She looks like she’s from the Sims….

  4. AgentW says:

    Steve gave them the shirts.

  5. darrell says:

    yeah i don’t get the shirts either. i guess it’s only supposed to deflect attention away from anything except the product and the spokesperson.

  6. Grover says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s AppleTV girl from a few months ago.

  7. Marfan says:

    Those are Steve’s old shirts, he passes them down hoping to share the magic.

  8. Billy says:

    Hannah is a hotty!!!

  9. Joris says:

    Although it’s not on my continent, I’d still like to know what Apple Retail Store she’s working for 🙂

  10. Edward Nilges says:

    She’s the Lenina of Apple’s brave new world, and I want to be her John the Savage.

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