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Despite barely have time to keep one site going, we have decided to launch yet another site. It is called The iPhone Cheat Sheet, and right now it is pretty lame, but with your help, we hope to have it running full steam in a couple weeks.

Ironically, despite all my complaining about the iPhone taking up 90% of Apple’s headlines, this new site will be devoted exclusively to iPhone tips, and iPhone game cheats and strategy hints in particular.

As the console game industry has discovered, building hidden “cheats” into games makes for a more enjoyable game playing experience. Too often gamers will buy a game, only to find it is too hard for them to unlock a secret character, level or vehicle. Discouraged, they often give up and toss the game away – often ending up thinking poorly of the game and the developer. By supplying a way to “cheat” the game and unlock hidden features, developers assure that less dedicated/skillful gamers can still enjoy their games and appreciate the work they put into designing them, while the more “honest” gamers can continue to try to beat the game on their own merits.

It is our hope that iPhone game developers will begin to adopt the successful cheat culture that has proven so successful on gaming consoles, and we hope The iPhone Cheat Sheet will become the premiere source for that information.

If you have discovered a cheat or a strategy hint for a game, or if you are a developer who would like to let people know of a secret trick or two that you think might help them get more from your title, please shoot us an e-mail.


– Dr. Macenstein

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  1. odin says:

    Whatever happened to Son of Macenstein?

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