This video just saved me $10 - Macenstein

This video just saved me $10

Thank god for YouTube.

13 Responses to “This video just saved me $10”
  1. Joe says:

    That looks boring as hell. Reminds me of the Dragons Lair games.

  2. SirFoxey says:

    damn i got bored 2 minutes into the clip and had to fast forward to the end. What a waste of my time watching that. I am so thankful I saw that before purchasing. What a let down of a game.

  3. Jonro says:

    So, what you’re saying is that you don’t think that’s the best game ever?

  4. Albert says:

    ummm yeah…. gonna pass

  5. Lennart says:

    Why did it save you 10$? Ive just played through the same part of the game, and I personally think its great. Havnt tryed any game that uses the screen better.. Maybe Tap Tap Revenge..

  6. Rick says:

    I very nearly slipped into a coma watching that & I’m a massive Star Wars fan!

  7. Luque says:

    jesus…christ….so….boring…must…stop…watching… some…force…keeping…me…from..stopping…

  8. Moitah says:

    You are ridiculous, this was only just the tutorial part !

  9. Matty says:

    Spend your money on XPlane instead. It’s the funnest iPhone app.

  10. Paul says:

    The best iPhone game reviews are at Touch Arcade. They provide quality gameplay videos on almost every review. Including this one.

  11. Len says:

    I don’t understand all the positive ra ra reviews. The game looks boring as hell.

  12. xero says:

    console version only got a 2/5 on x-play

    shame really

  13. Boyo says:


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