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Prius owners + Make-up + Coffee = Mac users (and I = Blade! Sweet!)

A recent survey conducted by Cognitive Daily asked the question “Are Prius owners really just like Mac owners?” The survey, which polled 1600 of CD’s readers discovered that for the most part, both Prius owners and Mac users are arrogant, successful, think they are better informed than most people, support Barack Obama, and think humans can stop global warming.

However, there are a couple areas where the Prius owners and Mac owners differed. First, Prius owners think Mac users are more attractive than they are (and so do Mac users). Second, Prius users would be more likely to spend more money on a car than Mac users, and Mac users would rather spend more on a computer (which makes sense, since we both sort of have to). Also, Prius users were not nearly as likely to buy an iPhone as Mac users.

But the biggest thing to come out of the survey is that Mac users are addicted to coffee in a way surpassing even Prius owners’ addiction to hugging trees. According to the findings, Mac users apparently drink nearly 3 times the amount of coffee as do Prius owners, and nearly twice the amount of coffee than regular old non-Prius, non-Mac citizens.

I gots super powers, bitch!

As a non-coffee drinking Mac user, I never understood the appeal of Starbucks and why all the Mac users I met seemed obsessed with finding the nearest one. The Starbucks iPhone/iTunes tie-ins always baffled me, and I really just pretty much wanted to kill everyone at Macworld when they “ooohhed” and “ahhhed” over being able to find a Starbucks via Google maps on the iPhone.

But now I realize that I am a genetic anomaly – a Mac user missing the Starbucks Coffee gene.

This strange power allows me to walk between both the Mac world and the human world, kind of like Blade can do with vampires. And it now appears obvious to me that I was put here for a purpose… although I am not exactly sure what it is. I guess maybe I am supposed to drive wooden stakes through the hearts of non-Mac users or something.

Hmm… maybe it would be a good idea to check real quick with Kris Kristofferson before I start breaking off chair legs and sharpening them.

23 Responses to “Prius owners + Make-up + Coffee = Mac users (and I = Blade! Sweet!)
  1. Javier says:

    Dear Doc,

    You are hilarious. If Kris Kristofferson is not available, let me know. I´ll gladly paralyze my legs in a tragic accident just to be your wheelchaired, ultralethal gadget manufacturer, sidekick.

  2. Claudis says:

    The nearest starbucks doesnt have wifi, so I go to the tire store. I dont support Obama, nor McCain. Im fine as hell, and I want Global Warming to happen. hehe

  3. Brad says:

    I”m a Mac User without the Obama gene, does that make me a superhero too, or am I just Libertarian?

  4. Maxie says:

    As a coffee-loving Mac user, I can’t understand the appeal of Starbucks either…

  5. Kensei says:

    I am a Mac User and I drive a gas gulping Jeep Liberty SUV! ;p

  6. dasein says:

    Obama is less appealing by the day
    Don’t like Prius (it’s a harbinger at best)
    Any just-brewed jo will do
    I am the environment too
    Like macs

  7. Adam says:

    Macs? Yes.
    Coffee? Most definitely yes.
    Obama? Yes.
    Prius? No thanks, I like fuel cell vehicles. The Prius still burns hydrocarbons, in my book it’s just a bandaid.

    By the way Macenstein: These new in-text adlinks suck. I can’t easily tell what’s a relevant link to the article and what’s just an advertisement. Hovering over each link is far too much work, particularly when reading via iPhone.

  8. aranhamo says:

    I don’t like Obama, don’t belong to the Church of Global Warming, don’t drink coffee, don’t drive a hybrid… I think the survey says more about who reads Cognitive Daily. Prius owners who read Cognitive Daily and Mac owners who read Cognitive Daily are similar. I’d never heard of Cognitive Daily before today, but I suspect you could expand that to a whole lot of other groups who also read Cognitive Daily.

    I don’t know much about coffee, but I read a while back an article by some coffee connoisseur group ranking various coffee brands throughout the US, and they ranked Starbucks dead last.

  9. MfS says:

    Drive a ’99 Escort, own 2 Macs & 2 iPhones, don’t support Obama, thinks the global warming movement is a sham & just part of how the world turns, hates & doesn’t drink coffee, and am barely scraping by month-to-month with a family of 3 and one income (Macs purchased before hard times, work pays for the iPhone). Guess I don’t fit this profile.

  10. MacGeek says:

    Starbucks is horrible coffee! I call it the McDonald’s of coffee. Outside of my own kitchen (roast your own beans!) and Italy, I’ve had very few caps in the USA that are worth a second drink.

  11. MacGeek says:

    …and no, I won’t drive a Prius. It’s a fad, and a bad one at that. I’ll keep driving my 25 year old bio-diesel powered Land Rover!

  12. Jonro says:

    I roast my own coffee at home. Starbucks doesn’t come close.

  13. Swifty says:

    I am from the UK and i hate coffee, but i love my mac.

    *****Support Our Troops!*****

  14. Bill Burkholder says:

    I hate Obama’s socialist politics. My next car will be a Prius. I’ve used Macs since 1985. I love coffee, but I think Starbucks is a big huge rip-off.

    Does any of this have any real meaning, and is it purposeful?


  15. Killer's Dad says:

    Coffee – Peet’s
    Computer – 24″ iMac, 15″ MBP, iPhone (2.5G)
    Car – Nissan, 8 years old, 185K miles – HATE TOYotas
    Office away from home – Starbucks ATT Wi-Fi for free
    Office @ Home ATT Wi-Fi (No more $30/month T-Mobile HotSpot Bills)
    Limbaugh Lovin’ Republican
    With Independence comes FREEDOM and PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY

    Bet you didn’t think you’d get Political reporting on CD’s survey

  16. Uber Eter-Pay says:

    What if I’m not into politics (since our votes really don’t count)? Plus, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has waaay better coffee… Plus FREE WiFi.. So, I think that my Starbucks gene was replaced with a CBTL gene.

    Plus, I’m a diesel mechanic… SO, take what you will from that. Definitely not a Prius kind-a-guy.

    I’d like a recount on the poll please. 😉

  17. wodster says:

    I guess I have to believe this survey. We own a Prius, and here is a movie about us looking for Starbucks (which I made on a Mac)

    Go Obama!

  18. orangejello says:

    No coffee – No Obama – No Hybrid….

    YES YES YES to my iMac, iPhone, iPod(s), and “future” Macbook Pro.

    I guess I’m not the only one that doesn’t fit the “profile”

  19. Imagine Engine says:

    Anyone I meet states I don’t look like a Geek though I do have the intelligence of a Geek, the heart of a poet and the spirit of an Arch Angel with an Artistic flare. Yeah, I laughed at that too 🙂 Here is a short list of my favorites as a Mac user.

    Favorite Mac: 17″ MacBook Pro. Second to that is the iMac 24″ display.

    Favorite caffeine fix: Starbucks Grande Soy Tazo Chai Latte.

    Automobile I drive: Mitsubishi Outlander (SUV). There’s something exhilarating about driving an SUV through the Rockies in the winter months. Though I’m planning on buying a Mitsubishi Lancer later in the year.

    Clothing: Preference for Guess clothing (jeans/shirts) with leather bomber jackets and leather blazers from Danier Leather.

    Music: Chris Brown, Cold Play, Maroon 5 and the list keeps going 😉

    Phone: iPhone 3G 16 GB Black.

  20. Raz says:

    Mac user, coffee drinker and Starbucks hater.
    As for Prius.. it’s for hippies. i love the sound and feel of a real car

  21. ERIC says:

    And I must be crazy b/c I’m not an Obamatard nor do I drink coffee. I like to choose the best – which is why I find it hard to believe so many people that are Mac users are so into Obama. Not that McCain was the best choice, but at least he won’t try to ACORN-ize the youth of America and he doesn’t get his preaching from anti-American hatemongers like Rev. Wright.

  22. alan says:

    graph doesn’t look that impressive to me…got p-values?

  23. xero says:

    you think your an anomaly i’m a mac user who dosen’t like COFFEE

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