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Visual Aid: Why Jailbreaking is still cool

With the app store now offering 95% of the functionality of a Jailbroken iPhone, sometimes it’s easy to forget how cool Jailbreaking an iPhone is. In fact, I’d put it right up there with smoking. Faithful Macenstein reader Jeremy sent in a visual reminder for all of us who have forgotten that visual customization is as much a part of Jailbreaking an iPhone as adding unsanctioned apps.

Check it out, Jeremy is apparently providing his own cell service! You can’t tell me that isn’t going to get him some ladies! (Although he appears to only be an EDGE network… so the girls might not be “3G hot”.)

5 Responses to “Visual Aid: Why Jailbreaking is still cool”
  1. mangochutney says:

    You know, I’m desperately waiting for the 3G unlock.
    I’m in Beijing right now and stuck with using my trusty Nokia e51 for calls and such, because my T-Mobile iPhone 3G is not unlocked yet.
    It drives me nuts!

    As to the picture:
    Although I probably wouldn’t put a wallpaper on the screen, I like the CoverFlow-esque bottom portion.

    Which brings me to a question:
    I can do all this with a jailbreak, but could a jailbreak now make the unlock later easier?
    I mean, is there a chance, that if I don’t jailbreak my iPhone now it’ll be harder/impossible to unlock it later?

  2. n2itv says:

    So, what is the theme and name of the coverflow dock?

  3. Jeremy says:

    n2itv, the theme is “Let’s See” and the dock is “dockflow”.

    Dockflow was just released on Cydia yesterday and I absolutely love it. You have to have the icons in that order and can’t rearrange them but its worth it.

    Let’s See didn’t have all the icons for my apps but if you FTP into the Let’s See theme folder the icons for all the apps is the exact same PNG so if you duplicate and rename to the app you want to have the icon for you’re good to go.

  4. Jeremy says:

    mangochutney, it is possible that when Apple releases the 2.2 firmware that jailbreaking may be impeded for awhile (or forever) for that firmware (actually the new iPod touch 2.1.1 firmware has yet to be cracked), so you should do it now if you are wanting to.

    As for making it easier that’s a no and no. Its a no if you decide to download the 2.2 firmware and it isn’t jailbroken yet, its a no if you keep 2.1 and they do finally unlock it (they’re getting very close) then you’d still have to install the new jailbroken 2.1 software.

    So as long as you stay with 2.1 for now you’re good. When 2.2 comes out don’t install it until they jailbreak it.

  5. Kensei says:

    Yeah I have jailbroken my iphone and never looked back.

    There are lots of great free apps out there that are not restricted by Apple SDK TOA that are simply kick ass.

    Also themes rock. I was showing my iphone to a work colleague the other day and he was amazed on how cool it looked with customised springboard, lockscreen, carrier logo and 5 icons in the dock.

    Having been a palm, symbian and wimo user in the past. I don’t like being told that I can’t customise my device the way I want it. ;p

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