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Attention Parents: FlashMath is free – go get it

Ever since I first got my iPhone, my kids have wanted to play games on it. Eventually I grew tired of the constant fighting over daddy’s iPhone (plus I wanted to play games too!) so I broke down and bought each of my kids an iPod touch for their birthday. Of course, as a parent once you see the vacant vegetative stares the kids get while playing the games, you begin to feel a bit guilty over rotting their brains. Luckily for me (and my kids’ brains), I found palaware’s FlashMath, a simple yet powerful Math flash card app that I’ve been using to trick my kids into learning, and it is free today on the app store.

Here’s how I use FlashMath:
In order to use her iPod, my daughter (who is 6) must first get at least 90% right from 50 questions before she can play any game. Her 4 year-old brother needs to answer 20 questions (the cool thing about Math is a 4 year-old who can’t read can still do the math). With that type of carrot-on-a-stick prompting, they breeze through the questions with minimal complaining, and actually view getting a perfect score like a game in itself (she gets an extra prize if she can answer 100 questions with a perfect score).

FlashMath provides complete control over the types of math questions it asks, and the difficulty is also fully customizable. For instance, for a 4 year-old, you might set FlashMath to only ask 10 Addition questions where no number in any problem would be higher than 8, where for an older child, you can set the numbers in the problems as high as 1000, allow random questions covering Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication, allow negative answers, and add in a progressive timer to make it more challenging. The only thing that would make the app better would be if it could be set to open on boot so the touch could not be played until a certain score was reached. 🙂

So here’s some unsolicited parenting advice for anyone else who feels a little guilty about buying their young child an iPod touch to play games on and kill brain cells. Pick up FlashMath today, and you will not only embiggen your kids brains, but you’ll have some “holier than though” parenting to throw at the parents of your kids’ stupider Nitendo DS owning friends.

Oh, and while you’re at it, palaware’s FlashGram (a grammar flash card app) is also free today, why not go for parent of the year and download that too.

10 Responses to “Attention Parents: FlashMath is free – go get it”
  1. Len says:

    FlashMath is not free as of 12 E.S.T. it is $.99, did you get the date wrong?

  2. Matt says:

    It’s not free for me. Hmmm.

  3. IGotNothin says:

    Not free, $.99. At one point it showed free on the search results page, but when you click for info it’s listed as $.99.

  4. Matt says:

    Nevermind, it is marked as free now. Just says we can’t purchase right now because it is being modified…

  5. Weird, it shows up free for me…

    Well, it’s worth $0.99 anyway. 🙂

    -The Doc

  6. Chris says:

    I still see it as being $0.99 in the Canadian iTunes store.

  7. Weird, According to, its price dropped to free around 10:40AM, and 12:41 PM it went back to $0.99.

    Now THAT is a “limited time only”!

    -The Doc

  8. Dave-O says:

    Love the blackboard background.

  9. noway555 says:

    you bought your kids ipod touches?
    will you adopt me? at least till the new imacs come out?

  10. MuslimDad says:

    Not showing as free in Canadian iTunes Store.

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