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Posting this shot hurt more than you’ll know.

Thanks Mike! [via Mac Soda]

11 Responses to “D’oh!”
  1. boss says:

    welcome to new apple world or windmacworld

  2. Chris Leither says:

    Damn Doc, you’re right! Even only SEEING this really hurts. Last Kernel Panic I had was like the day I installed Leopard ^^(which I got Oct. 25th ^^, no kidding)

  3. MfS says:


    “Posting this shot hurt more thank you’ll know.”

    Uuuhh, hire a proofreader?!?!??!?

  4. MfS,

    That’s why I have you.

    -The Doc

  5. dizzy says:

    Why pay for it when people can post semi-rude comment corrections for free? 🙂

    This shot isn’t so bad, it would have been much much worse if it were a BSOD

  6. Jeremy says:

    More than I’ll know? Like… ever? I’ll never ever know? Or I will at some point? Because it hurts me now so if it hurts worse in the future I’d like to know when I’ll know so that I can be prepared.

    BTW, my Captcha is ‘war hooker’. Real nice doc.

  7. Uber Eter-Pay says:


    Nothing wrong grammatically.

    And super suck on the panic. Did you have to wipe and redo, or what?

  8. matt says:

    at least it’s not a blue screen like the early display units had

  9. chardish says:

    Overheating (read: poor ventilation) can cause a kernel panic, which is why I don’t think too hard when I see something like this.

    Not saying that it doesn’t reflect poorly on Apple. It just shouldn’t.

  10. demo:abi says:

    at least i looks better than the BSoD

  11. David says:

    I understand more than you will Never know.

    There are dozens of us—DOZENS!!

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