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It’s like a window into my future

This old man was snapped surfing for porn in the London Apple store a few months back. Apparently everyone, including employees, saw him and nobody said anything, which is good to know as I will be visiting London soon.

While we cannot see his face, I’m pretty sure Hollywood couldn’t have cast a better person to play the part of “dirty old man“. I mean, how perfect is his hump?

Now, as awesome as this picture is, what’s really interesting to me is seeing just how popular vests are in England (I count 5 out of 10 visible people). I never really understood the vest, or calling French Toast “eggy bread”, so maybe it’s an England thing.

[via flickr]

9 Responses to “It’s like a window into my future”
  1. Jonro says:

    He must be searching for a macenstein Mac Chick!

  2. Jonro,

    We both know the MCotM feature is art.
    -The Doc

  3. darrell says:

    well i’m sure he wasn’t there for too long – they were just waiting for another Apple store employee to come back with a ham sandwich from the food court.

  4. Matt says:

    I’m a 35 year old Brit and I’ve never heard French Toast called Eggy Bread.

    Then again, I’ve never seen anyone surfing for porn in an Apple store……

  5. chaplare says:

    Here here Doc! … Art indeed…

  6. Phelim says:

    Wow. Which London store was this in (there are three)?

  7. SJC says:

    To hell with the old man and the vests, I’m willing to swear that that’s National Treasure and noted Mac addict Stephen Fry wearing the scarf in the top right hand corner. Do you have a higher resolution copy we can check?

  8. imajoebob says:

    Despite a generally temperate clime, Londoners don’t seem to know how to dress. Whether it’s those silly puffy vests, those bizarre motorcycle leathers (picture a portly 50-year old dressed like the Geico cave men), or £3000 Savile Row suits with their french cuffs sticking 9 inches out of the sleeve, it’s all a crime against fashion.

    I came from New England, so I knew what cold (-15F/-26C) and hot (105F/40C) really felt like. But if the temperature drops below 50 or tops 75 it’s treated as one of the Four Horsemen. I knew something was amiss the morning I waited for my bus in my jeans, polo shirt, nylon vest, and ball cap. The woman at my stop was wearing Uggs, a full length puffy down jacket (with hood), ski mittens, and matching knit scarf and cap.

    Maybe they think the down vests are a compromise. And as everyone knows, a compromise is a success only if everyone is unhappy.

  9. Karl says:

    you see, european people don’t go crazy if they see something naked in public.

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