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No Obama Hoops for you!

Whether or not you voted for Obama last week, odds are you’d like to play underwater basketball with his head. Unfortunately, Apple has decided to call a foul on Aquaaps’ proposed Aqua Obama app.

Aqua Obama from playtoniq on Vimeo

Yes, Apple’s approval team would not give them an assist, and instead put the full-court-press right at the buzzer on what was sure to be a slam dunk of an application, effectively stuffing the developers while they were in the paint… down low, causing… airballs… to finger roll… off the glass… and the crooked zebra.. double dribbled… aww hell, basically they killed the app before it has a chance.

Aquaaps claims they just wanted to celebrate Obama’s win, and from the above video, I think that’s pretty obvious. I mean, if you’re happy that your guy won the Presidency, you’d obviously want to pump his severed head through hoops, right? I guess those nerds at Apple never played the B-Ball, or they would have understood.

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  1. imajoebob says:

    I’m guessing the Obama logo is trademarked, so politics and/or taste is moot.

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