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Nothing brings more joy, or fear, than an iPhone update

iphone update

Oh crap. I mean, HOORAY! (I hope…) Well, wish me luck.

[UPDATE: Well, 2.2 seems to be working fine, and Fieldrunners still works, which is all that matters, so it looks like it’s safe.]

7 Responses to “Nothing brings more joy, or fear, than an iPhone update”
  1. mawes says:

    Yeah!! Fieldrunners rocks!!!

  2. Tex says:

    Pathetic, still no to-do lists that sync…

  3. jonro says:

    Can’t use a Bluetooth keyboard or Bluetooth stereo headphones. No Copy/Paste. No MMS. No video recording. Cannot even update subscribed podcasts directly. FAIL. FAIL. FAIL.

  4. Jonro,
    meh, as long as you can play Fieldrunners, who really care about all that.
    -The Doc

  5. All in all not bad.. and like jonro says, needs some other bits and bobs.. but wheres the push notification for IM apps and the like?

  6. SirFoxey says:

    I don’t know what all the complaining is about. I have still yet ever needed to restore, every app and function either in built or 3rd party has worked just as it stated and with next to or no trouble at all.

    This update rocks, I now have street view on my phone and safari is yet to cause a problem, my sms and other input is fast and not laggy. Not that I really suffered from that when everyone else did, if i didn’t reboot my phone in 3 weeks i noticed a little drop in input speed.

    All i would like to see is easier tethering than needing to use netshare.

  7. Imagine Engine says:

    Google Street View isn’t available to Canadians. Hopefully we’ll at least have access to this for major Canadian cities before the end of 2009. I’m disappointed Apple wasn’t able to provide landscape mode for typing email and SMS. As well I still don’t have the ability to send a vCard from the Contacts list without the use of a third party app. There’s also no A2DP which would be useful instead of jogging, snowboarding, etc with a wired headset. I was even hoping for the ability to sync notes with Leopard or edit documents but that’s a no show for this update. I really dislike the way Safari now looks with a cramped search field next to the URL field. While this makes sense on the desktop it doesn’t on a mobile device such as the iPhone. Safari no longer feels user friendly. Though at least for now Safari hasn’t crashed on me. I would of also liked to see my photos in their listed events as seen in iPhoto instead of all jumbled together in one mess. The camera still has no ability to zoom, use light settings or even have a timed camera shutter release. I also still can’t do video recording. Both of these features are available to jailbroken iPhones and reason why I’ll continue to jailbreak. Though why should we need to? Apple, where the hell is MMS? This has been available for quite some time on even the most basic of cellphones including highend smartphones with the exception of the iPhone. While I’m usually a fan of Apple products I must say compared to the competition (ie: RIM, HTC, Sony, etc) I’m starting to lose faith in Apple. In that they won’t actually provide features that their competitors already offer consumers with their smartphones such as the RIM Blackberry Bold, HTC Touch Pro and Sony Ericsson Xperia. Though I’m sure they’ll find a new way to mislead consumers into believing the next iPhone will offer these features as they did with the original iPhone customers. The iPhone is truly an all in one device…rolls eyes.

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