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Santa Claus is coming to town… er, the Apple Store

Santa knows these days the kids don’t want wooden, elf-built toys, wagons and dolls – they want iPods, just like everyone else on the planet, and it looks like Santa and his friends will be hitting the Apple Store this holiday season to stock up.

Above: The figures look quite similar to the Rankin/Bass-esque holiday “I’m a Mac” commercial of last year.

Brooklyn-based company Lite Brite Neon has been tapped to construct some iPod-loving Santa and Elf statues to help promote the iPods in the Apple Stores. Apparently each of the 5-foot tall statues is shipped in pieces and meant to be assembled on-site by the Apple Store employees. Lite Brite Neon has posted 2 online videos (one for Santa, one for the Elf) demonstrating how to piece the statues together, and most importantly, how to thread the delicate neon iPod headphone cords. If you don’t mind graphic depictions of decapitated Santa’s and Elves, they are worth a look.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Andy for the tip!
[via ifoapplestore]

5 Responses to “Santa Claus is coming to town… er, the Apple Store”
  1. jdmoney8 says:

    this is exactly why there is no audio bluetooth in the iphone… apple always advertises the headphone cords.

  2. Josh Hebrich says:

    There is no E in Santa Claus, A-hole.

  3. Merry Christmas, Josh!

  4. Richard says:

    But there is lots of A-Hole in Josh!

    Bah, humbug eh?

  5. Kate Harper says:

    What a coincidence,Our art group made a song about the Berkeley store coming:

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