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“World of Goo” for Mac released and you need to buy it

Having more or less fully committed to the iPhone, it’s rare that a game comes out for the Mac these days that catches my interest, and it’s even rarer that it plays well on my Macbook, but World of Goo does both. World of Goo is an incredibly creative puzzle-solving game that’s already familiar to PC gamers and Wii owners, but now we Mac users can get in on the fun.

world of goo Build out a scaffold that avoids the buzz saw and tar pit…

world of goo … and that gets your goo balls to the exit tube safely.

The game play revolves around combining little goo balls together to form structures such as ladders, bridges, etc. that you use to lead other goo balls across various obstacles and to the exit tubes. While that may sound easy, it’s not, and you may find yourself spending half an hour or more on some of the puzzles. World of Goo uses realistic physics and weights which makes for some really challenging puzzles as you try to brace your structures while conserving your goo balls. The gameplay is better seen than described, so check out this video demo to see what all the fuss is about.

I think this game is really clever and the graphics and aimations are wonderful and run amazingly well, even on my year-old MacBook with the lame integrated Intel GMA X3100 chipset. I spoke briefly to Ron Carmel of 2D Boy, the creators of World of Goo, about whether they had any plans for an iPhone version of the game. Ron says the team is tossing around some ideas, but there are no immediate plans for a port, so for the moment, this is it. 2D Boy offers free demo of World of Goo you can download to try first, or you can just take my advice and fork over the $20 for the full version.

7 Responses to ““World of Goo” for Mac released and you need to buy it”
  1. wigwamman says:

    Definitely a great game, cheers for the heads up!

  2. When are we going to see AppStore pricing?

  3. theo says:

    played the demo, it was awesome. totally going to get this when i get paid. it was a blast and ran smooth with hardly any extra fan running on my macbook (2.4ghz, model just before the unibodies).

  4. paul thomas says:

    Tried the demo… Bought the game, went to bed at 2:30am… VERY ADDICTIVE… lovely game dynamics.

  5. paul thomas says:

    Right…. finished the game…

    A very good game… just needs a few more levels to keep one going for a little longer… I am pretty sure the designers have been doing drugs however… Some really bizarre stuff going on – but it all works…

  6. Alex says:

    I just downloaded this several days ago, its an amazingly addicting game based on a simple premise. I do wish it was a bit longer, but the OCD challenges do offer up some replay value – or simply seeing how long/short it takes to complete a level. Certainly worth the $20 price tag.

  7. Brandon says:

    thank you so much for the heads up, its an amazing game! i have been playing for a few days now, and im on the epilogue. really enjoy it! thanks for the heads up!

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