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A Mac that will attract bugs: The GingerMac

Apple has a long history of making computers that look so good you might want to eat them. Well, here’s a Mac that may fall a little short in the looks department, but you actually could eat it (assuming you can choke down Gingerbread, that is).

Gingerbread Mac

This work of edible art stands about 8 inches tall, and has chocolate icons and a chocolate cursor.

Gingerbread Mac

I think I would have written “hello” in script icing on the screen, but that’s some arm chair quarterbacking right there. I’m so lazy I lack the strength to eat this, let alone make it.

Gingerbread Mac

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the tip!

[via flickr]

4 Responses to “A Mac that will attract bugs: The GingerMac”
  1. alex says:

    Maaaaan I loved it!
    I’ve always wanted to eat my iMac 🙂

  2. roy says:

    it never says once in the manual u carnt eat a mac and if its not in the manual
    mmmmm saute macbook

  3. Welshdog says:

    You get an “A” for the concept, but wifey proclaims the execution lame.

    You get a “C” at best. Sheesh your lines aren’t even straight. And Macs are not brown. If yer gonna do it, do it right.

  4. Tiny Tim says:

    Welshdog, you need to change your login. I believe Scrooge would be more appropriate.
    I thought the idea was cool, and the execution was, well, executed which puts this guy one move ahead of both you and me.

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