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David beats Goliath: “Pull My Finger” now on the iTunes store

Given the amount of crap (no pun intended) that has made its way to the iTunes app store, we always thought it was a crime that the iPhone farting app “Pull My Finger” had been banned by Apple, citing “Limitied Utility“. Well, just in time for the holidays, we’re happy to announce that thanks to the efforts of many a Mac blog, Apple has finally relented, and now we can all take comfort in the simple pleasure of a virtual fart machine.

pull my finger iphone fart

From the app description:

Throughout the annuls of time, man (and woman, but mostly man) has used this noisome pestilence to cause laughter, shock, and awe to those in their immediate surroundings. Advances in technology brought new ways to deliver the package. The hand under the armpit was good, but the invention of rubber brought the whoopee cushion, and new heights were reached. Then came the electronic version, and the whoopee cushion was no more.

However, we asked ourselves over and over, why must I always carry a phone, iPod, AND electric fart machine? Can’t something be done to converge these oft carried items? Today, friend, innovation has struck again. Now you can have your choice of sounds with you always, waiting and ready for when the perfect moment arrives.

pull my finger iphone fart
Ho! Ho! Ho! Even Santa’s getting in on the farting action!

2 Responses to “David beats Goliath: “Pull My Finger” now on the iTunes store”
  1. dave says:

    The new category will be called “For Adults who are still Children”

  2. ArtOfWarfare says:


    Your single comment is so much better than the entire article and product description. Congrats.

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