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Got any spare change? – The Macenstein holiday pledge drive begins

I noticed the other day that Wikipedia is trying to raise $6 million via donations to fund some lame thing or another, and I thought, “That’s crazy.” I mean, who the hell uses Wikipedia? Everyone knows that Macenstein has all the information you need, and odds are if you can’t find the information here, it’s not worth knowing. Our faithful readers realize this, of course, and we love them for it.

That’s why, in an effort to show our gratitude for your loyal readership, we’re rewarding you with the opportunity to express your love for our site monetarily. Just like Wikipedia, we’ve set a goal of $6 million that we hope to reach with your donations (apparently none of you are doing your holiday Amazon shopping by clicking through our ads). We figure if each of our readers donates just $150,000, we can make it. If $150,000 is too steep, we’ll take anything. We’re not proud. Odds are grandma sent you a big check for Christmas you’re itching to blow through.

Yeah, it’s tacky, but so are we. Click above to send us a Christmas present. No matter how small, your donation will help Macenstein continue to bring you the low level of journalism you’ve come to expect.

Now, in order to get things started, we’ve primed the pump with a crisp George Washington, so we’re starting at a balance of $1. Let’s all try to make this the happiest holiday ever for Macenstein. And remember, your generous support helps run this lame site, pay for contests, and of course, keeps the Mac Chicks coming. Thanks, and happy holidays!

5 Responses to “Got any spare change? – The Macenstein holiday pledge drive begins”
  1. mawes says:

    Hey… i donated a dollar? where’s my dollar?

  2. Alex says:

    I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.

  3. matt says:

    Perhaps you could auction off committee memberships to review the mac girl of the month nominations.

  4. dizzy says:

    I really enjoy your site, nice break from all the super serious rumor/news sites. Wish I could give more than just enough for a beer, but until you can pump this apple stock back up to where it was 3-6 months ago I’m spending most of my couch change.

  5. Pretty funny article… Has the recessionn hit Macenstein too? Haha.

    Wikipedia’s a weird one, I don’t quite get their need for $6M, can’t they just add some ads or something? That’s what everyone else does…

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