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Good thing no one at Apple works for Pixar, right?

Above: The new iPhone game iBot.

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  1. Xero says:

    um just fyi:

    From IMDB>COM
    The film contains numerous references to Apple computers:

    -when WALL-E is fully charged by the sun, he makes the same “boot up” sound that most of Apple’s Macintosh computers have made since circa 1996.

    -WALL-E watches his favorite movie every night on the screen of an iPod

    -The villainous Autopilot’s voice is provided by Apple’s text-to-speech system, MacinTalk -EVE’s sleek design as an evolution of WALL-E’s parallels the sleek iMac design having evolved from the boxy, beige Apple IIe. Steve Jobs, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Apple Computer, was CEO of Pixar until its acquisition by Disney in 2005, and as a shareholder and member of the Disney Board of Directors is still actively involved with the company.

    EVE was co-designed by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonnathan Ive, the man responsible for the design of the iPod.

    so um yea joke=fail

  2. Xero says:

    EVE was co-designed by Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonnathan Ive, the man responsible for the design of the iPod.

    so yea fail

  3. Uber Eter-Pay says:

    You idiots…

    It’s not serious. It’s kinda poking fun. Stop being so damn literal, go outside for once, and try to interact with some real people.


    Plus, I bet this game was created WAAAAYYYY before Wall-E… The movie obviously ripped the design off of the game. Pixar needs to watch it’s ass right about now, from the looks of it.

  4. Elijah says:

    Guys, I’m not sure, but I think that Dr. Macenstein was using a form of humor called *sarcasm*

  5. Lapo says:

    Humour inside, guys!

  6. SJC says:

    Boy, they’re not even trying to hide it in that righthand screenshot.

  7. SirCrumpet says:

    Xero, I *think* that was kinda the point.

    Sarcasm? On my internet!? Say it isn’t so!

  8. Adam says:

    That, Xero, is the sound of the joke whooshing over your head.

  9. Jim says:

    um, just fyi for you Xero:

    You’re a complete freaking idiot. Are you so full of yourself that you completely miss the joke? Any idiot knows Apple’s CEO owned Pixar. Most all Apple fans know of all the references in the movie, and of Jonny Ive’s work on the character.

    What is not known is how you seem to miss the entire point of that post.

  10. Matthew Davis says:

    The game’s not in the appstore anymore as of 4am PST on 12/22

  11. Andy says:

    And they say Americans don’t understand sarcasm?

  12. ookami says:

    ouch!… nuff said

  13. Rowlings says:

    SNAP! And is that a Pokéball on top of the “i” in their logo!

  14. Xeno says:

    Xero is not affiliated nor associated with Xeno(tm) or it’s subsidiaries. Xero is to a bonehead all his own

  15. karl says:

    Of course, both draw a lot of similarities from *real* (toy) robots of the 80s!



  16. Malder says:

    Anyone see this game?
    i download it , and i really like this game!

  17. Captain Killjoy says:

    Hey! Look everybody! Xero knows how to query a search engine then cut and paste the results as a response! Man, will the magic of this Internet thing NEVER end?

  18. Xero says:

    for the record i knew that he was kidding i just thought it was interesting (sorry for the double post btw

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