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Mac users “neat freaks”? Hardly

apple 5th avenue store
Above: The ideal?

As everyone who watches The Simpsons knows, Mac users prefer sterile environments. That is why it is so odd to find that Macs made quite a few appearances in the BBC’s Top 9 list of Chaotic Work spaces. As faithful Macenstein reader Mark notes: “… They show 9 pictures. 6 of these pics show computers. 4 of the 6 are Macs! What conclusion can you draw?

The office of Prof Wolfgang Danspeckgruber.

The office of some chick named Marianne.

The office of author Mark Schreiber.

The office of Michael Morphis, photographer.

14 Responses to “Mac users “neat freaks”? Hardly”
  1. John Madden says:

    I’m a full-time designer, and part-time freelance writer (read: paid badly for the first and sporadically for the second). My office resembles Marianne’s, only with less floor showing. Oh, and a 9 month old MacBook Pro. It’s not a mess, it’s creativity in action! That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it.

  2. Slog says:

    OH DEAR LORD! Michael Morphis has a Stratocaster.

  3. melbert says:

    ewww… disgusting.
    I would not get any work done in such a cluttered environment.
    My workspace is very organized, uncluttered and spartan.
    I do animation and visual effects work, the lack of clutter & distractions helps me to focus.

  4. jdmoney8 says:

    “professor I swear I turned in that paper!”

  5. Killer's Dad says:

    I’m feeling better about myself. My desk is messy but not my floor.

  6. ginjg says:

    “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, Of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

    – Albert Einstein

  7. Dave-O says:

    Terrifying. Really. You should move Wolfgang Danspeckgruber’s pic last. Build up to it. I’m going to have nightmares about that office.

  8. wendy says:

    i like to call it…”creative chaos.”

  9. Steve T says:

    … the prof is sitting at his desk. I didn’t even see him! hiding behind that massive mountain of papers.

    i can just hear him now “no really, it’s all organized into piles! really, i know where everything is!”

  10. Imagine Engine says:

    My SOHO resembles the small clutter seen in Marianne’s picture and has never resembled the chaos seen in Wolfgang’s picture. Creativity doesn’t always inspire organization. I’m one that multitasks both my Artistic work as well my personal life so I don’t have as much time to do the office cleaning. Isn’t that what Spring Cleaning is for?….LOL

  11. EatKodosDaily says:

    … you’re making the connection the wrong way.

    If you’re a messy person, you probably use a Mac.
    if you use a Mac, you’re probably a messy person.

    I use a Mac and am what you would call a neat freak. Nothing is in my office except a chair, a light, and my desk. Nothing is on my desk except my iMac*. Nothing is on its desktop at all (everything I need is either in the dock or in a stack in the dock.)

    *Fine, sometimes I’ll have either an iPod or flash drive connected to a USB port. Still, I’m very minimalist. It keeps me efficient and distraction free. Except when I accidently throw away something I didn’t mean to. Or when I start surfing the web like I am right now. :p

  12. The Prof is just begging to be buried under a paper avalanche.

  13. Jack says:

    >>What conclusion can you draw?

    Tenure has its advantages.
    Marianne is a fire hazard (two extensions cords?)
    Mark Schreiber is saving a fortune by eliminating trash pickup.
    Michael Morphis wins by a landslide. Best of the worst.

    (I just hope nobody ever photographs my office. Yikes!! I’d rank right between “professor” and “author.”)

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