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Mapple and Steve Mobs on the Simpsons

The Simpsons is one of those rare shows that I still watch today based solely on how much I enjoyed the previous seasons. I think it might be up to around season 22 or something, and while I have not enjoyed a full season for about 11 years, it still makes my DVR list because one episode in every 5 is worth watching (mainly ones where Lisa is minimized, and there is no singing or flashbacks). Now, perhaps it is the cynic in me (which is pretty much ALL of me) but I think tonight’s jab at Apple may simply be an attempt to generate some buzz on the interweb amongst tech geeks, and since I am writing about it, mission accomplished. Here’s the clip from tonight’s opening.

Above: Hmm… the Comic Book Guy is almost always funny, but that exchange was extremely lame.

Obviously I like Apple, but I don’t love Apple to the point that I won’t admit it when someone nails them on something – however go ahead and count the laughs in that clip. (I counted 1 smirk at the Cube reference, and a full smile for the “Who dares question the boss we fired 10 years ago and then brought back?” line). I think maybe the Simpsons should start taking a page from the Family Guy and start editing their jokes. That scene took over 3 minutes and went nowhere.

Given that I think something like 200% of Simpsons writers use Macs, the whole things seems a little odd. Are we REALLY still debating whether Apple products cost more than PCs? I think it has long been established that comparably equipped PCs don’t cost all that much less than Apple’s, it’s just that Apple doesn’t offer any low-end models that match the useless bargain crap PC makers flood the market with. And a $600 phone? That’s so last year. And for the record, Zunes aren’t all that less than iPods, and no one wants them.

So why the Apple bash? Well, IMHO, Apple bashing is an easy way to grab an extra 15 seconds of fame, and it reminds folks that The Simpsons is still on the air. Sort of the way the comic Fox Trot kisses Apple’s ass every once in awhile so people will talk about it.

28 Responses to “Mapple and Steve Mobs on the Simpsons”
  1. dizzy says:

    Hey Doc,
    I took the joke a different way than you. To me it seemed like they were just pointing out all the stupid things apple haters would say about apple and not really making fun of apple. There have been a lot of apple references on the simpsons and they have always been positive, with the last one coming with the halloween special. They did a charlie brown spoof and instead of a record player being stopped at the party, it was an iPod…which I took as it meaning that the iPod is what represents the digital age of music.

  2. mangochutney says:

    Ok, that was not funny.
    They have to b really desperate, if they need to fire a “full-spread’ like this.
    But then again, that reminds me why I haven’t really watched the Simpsons after the third season.

  3. Nathan says:

    The subtle things really made this episode, in my opinion; did anyone else find themselves chuckling at the end bit where Lisa meets Steve Mobs and he says “insanely great” to her? Great in-joke. =D

  4. not the point says:

    Not the point whether or not Zune costs the same. You’re still paying a ridiculous amount in markup. Think about what you buy was the message there. Not “Apple sucks”.

  5. Grant Wall says:

    Awesome find here. Saw this not but a few hours ago, was already looking for it online to share with some people. Definitely a jab to earn The Simpsons some discussion online.

  6. wetdfg says:

    apple fanboys blah blah blah


  7. vonspace says:

    it was nice when the comic book guy acted like in the 80’s macintosh ad…
    and btw, my new macbook pro got pretty offended after playing this piece… LOL

  8. Colin says:

    Lighten up, I thought it was hilarious.

  9. Matt says:

    Doc, you should be able to laugh about yourself… i think its awesome!!!

  10. Rowlings says:

    There’s so many inside jokes there, that the writers HAVE to be Apple users. Sadly, the writing is pretty bland and not all that cutting. I wonder how many non-Apple users got any of it? In fact, I bet most Apple users are not nearly as obsessed about Apple as we Mac Blog readers, and most didn’t get it. The only thing they went off of was the Apple is expensive angle, which is a PC fanboy argument with hardly any merit. Sure, Apple marks it’s stuff up, but do you know how much it costs Toyota or Ford to make a $30,000 car? Or SONY a LCD TV? Everything is marked up. It isn’t Apple’s problem.

  11. Nick says:

    I use LOTS of Apple products (got a Macbook Pro, a Time Capsule, an iPhone and a 160gb iPod), but I dont think of Apple as God. I thought it was great, and the fact that you got so angry about it proves how stupid Apple fanboys are…

  12. Charles says:

    Very funny! I can see it both ways, those whom understand the quality and experience of (M)Apple would take it positively. While those whom don’t have or can’t afford (M)Apple products could take it negatively. As for the mark-up comments, one brand comes to mind, BOSE. Mark-up applies to everything, sometimes it is reflected in the quality of product, service provided, etc. and other times it is not, you are simply paying for a brand name, which happens a lot in fashion industry. A pair of jeans is almost always simply a pair of jeans yet people are willing to pay $200+ for them, now talk about MARK-UP!

  13. LouRob says:

    The only thing they missed was the reaction of the true fanboys to Bart’s announcement.
    Upon hearing that the “myPods” were urinated on by Steve, a true fanboy would’ve embraced them even more since they could actually touch a part of Steve’s DNA.

  14. Mat Pancha says:

    I disagree – I think they pointed out all the obvious truths with Apple. This coming from a guy who spent a student loan check on his first iBook, and been an Apple user since.

    Its like with most stereotypes – a stereotype comes out of a general truth. When the majority of a group act a certain way, that’s how they are seen. To be frank, the Simpsons didn’t stretch any truths, they were factual.

  15. Telp says:

    I have to agree with dizzy. The whole episode was about stereotpyes and how they are generally a misconception, what with the whole new muslim kid and everything. It has nothing to do with The Simpsons making fun of Apple, they are saying that all the stereotypes about Apple are just as stupid as saying every muslim is a terrorist. It isn’t true and shouldn’t be thought of that way. Don’t take it so hard. I found it quite funny myself. I do love the simpsons. It isn’t at its peak, and is no where near as good as it used to be, but honostly, I like the new episodes and the subtle humor that the writers have taken on.

  16. CyberTeddy says:

    hmmm.. the video is no longer available ;-/

  17. Imma P.C. says:

    Bart was right. MACFAGGOTRY FTL!!!!1

  18. dizzy says:

    @Telp I actually didn’t even think about it in relation to the whole episode and you are dead on…and I’m not just saying that because you agreed with me 🙂

  19. imajoebob says:

    It was funnier than hell. And right on point. The Simpsons has always poked its finger in the eye of self-important buffoons (try counting all the Fox references), and a lot of the “new” Apple users are exactly that. Consider the initial iPhone buyers. They knew their brand new iPhones weren’t really worth the 600 bucks they shelled out, but had to have one. And then they got all bent out of shape when Apple dropped the price a few weeks later? Did you see a few of them in this episode?

    And all those new gotta-have-Apple buyers have helped make the new models not only better, but less expensive, so it’s been great for anyone using Macs for more than 5 years. We get better, cheaper replacements – though it has dropped the replacement cycle from a functional 5 years down to a fashionable 3. But let’s face it, almost everyone of us, deep down, knows that we also enjoy saying we’re Apple users because it makes it socially acceptable to act like jerks.

    And if that ain’t value, I don’t know what is.

  20. Skep says:

    “Now, perhaps it is the cynic in me … but I think tonight’s jab at Apple may simply be an attempt to generate some buzz on the interweb amongst tech geeks, and since I am writing about it, mission accomplished.”

    On the other hand, it’s possible you’re entirely wrong, and that you are not so much “cynical” as you are “self important and grandiose.” Not to mention that you seem to have a little trouble with logic — the fact that you wrote this article does not prove that it was anyone’s intention that you do so!

    Why would the Simpsons’ writers want so badly to be discussed by “tech geeks”, for god’s sake?


  21. Seb says:

    I think a lot of the responses to this thread sum up exactly why that clip was so good. Touched a nerve…

    I like Mac a hell of a lot, but it has to be said that the following is pretty cultish! I took a look at Jobs’ introduction of the old clamshell on YouTube the other day. At one point he said “And this is a handle”, and the audience went nuts. Hilarious! It’s the sort of audience you expect at a super-church.

    And as functional as Macs might be in our lives, there is doubtless a strong veneer of materialism at work. Lisa’s joyous line “It’s SO sterile” was just genius.

    If you take offence at that clip, then you’re really damning yourselves. You’re only going to take offence if you relate…

  22. Jerónimo Visñovezky says:

    I think Dr Macenstein completely missed the point. Lighten up!

  23. mike says:

    the problem is it’s not funny… it seems like it’s from 10 years ago. I bought a mac yesterday… there’s SO much in an apple store to make fun of and they went and picked all the well tread stuff… Apple stores aren’t sterile, they’re PACKED with scruffy kids emailing their friends. What about the fact that all the employees look like they’re in a emo band. Wouldn’t this have been way funnier if they went into a microsoft store that was trying to steal the apple store’s thunder? I think a Microsoft-store employee trying to explain why a zune is better would be hilarious. The word Zune is funny. It’s sad when the get a mac ads are funnier than the Simpsons.

  24. Ace says:

    Haha after viewing this video it made me clean my Apple products haha.

  25. Dirk says:

    I really like Apple products, and I really liked and laughed about this Simpsons Episode 🙂

  26. Chriswan Winata says:

    My favorite line:

    “Your heart is blacker than your turtleneck!”

  27. Al says:

    Love Apple, loved the satire too.

    Am I the only one who got the reference to the light being on on the MyCube to show it was off? I’ve always thought it is totally superfluous and battery wasting on MacBooks/Pros to have that light showing you that the laptop is not on when you close it?

  28. Dudly says:

    Anyone who uses ‘200%’ and teenage acronyms in a review is clearly not an opinion worth a great weight.

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