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Passive aggressive much?

Letting your neighbors know they suck can be an awkward experience for everyone involved, but this guy seems to have found a brilliant way to let his neighbors know just how annoying they are while avoiding an actual confrontation. (Well, the Wi-Fi using ones, anyway).

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jim for the tip!
(props to FMR Chaplare for tracking down the real link (we think…))

11 Responses to “Passive aggressive much?”
  1. Yep says:

    I’m just wondering why you wouldn’t post the actual tumblr’s blog page as opposed to just the hosted picture image?

    If someone reposts your storyline don’t you expect/appreciate the link to your site?

    Just wondering.

  2. @Yep,

    I totally would if I knew the link. All I got was a direct link to the graphic. if you know it, share. Thanks!
    -The Doc

  3. Goobi says:

    Perhaps if you leave the connection ‘open’, and instead modify the DNS settings so just as soon as they connect they are directed to… i dont know… use your imagination!

  4. Matthew says:

    I did this for about a year and would vary the name of the network regularly. When the morons finally moved away I sent them a little good bye message too.

  5. Impaler says:

    That’s ridiculous that you don’t hide your SSID.

  6. dizzy says:

    If you have a secure network it doesn’t really matter if you broadcast your SSID.

  7. Peteski says:

    I’m here to confess to this pass/agro act of anti-social behavior.
    My neighbors don’t really suck, its just a commentary on LA – where the only reason people talk to neighbors is in court when you’re suing them.
    I changed it recently. My new network:
    “Happy Holidays”


  8. Tycho says:

    The worst one I ever saw was one time when I was at a laudromat. The wifi network was called something like “For a good time call Jessica 555-555-1234*”
    Seems like a girl really pissed off an ex who managed to change the wifi name before he split….or so I can only guess.

    *not actual number…duh.

  9. Tony Buser says:

    Take a look at my neighbor’s wifi ssid:

  10. pat says:

    mine is called “penis”.

    so i can read “you are now connected to penis” every time i turn on wifi 🙂

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