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“Display” your Mapple pride!

Well, THAT didn’t take long. Fans of the “Mypods and Boomsticks” Simpsons episode (which apparently was way funnier than I thought, judging by the comments here) can now show off their “Mapple Pride” with this cool desktop wallpaper. (1024×768, 2048 x 1536)

 Simpsons Mapple desktop

All I said was The Simspons could have tried harder – I thought the jokes were sub-Harvard or wherever they grab writers from. Anyway, no word yet if these buttons will go up for sale, but I’d assume CafePress already has a wide selection of Mapple merchandise if you’re Jonesing.

8 Responses to ““Display” your Mapple pride!”
  1. Captain Killjoy says:

    Sounds like you wouldn’t have liked WHATEVER fun was poked at your precious Apple, Fanboy. Maybe you should have watched PBS that night…

  2. I see you are reading this site for the first time, Captain. Not only do I bash Apple almost as much as Microsoft, but I can’t even spell PBS.

    -The Doc

  3. Slog says:

    I thought the bit was unfunny, but that is more based in my disdain for The Simpson’s. Sure they were funny, but now I just assume everything they do will be trite and crappy. My logic is: if someone starts eating puppies you don’t eat at their house until they vow to stop eating puppies. Even after that I could still only eat a salad at that house, because you never know…

  4. Cthobs says:

    Matt has said that he is going to ride the Simpson’s into the ground. And it looks like he’s trying to take everyone with it.

    This wallpaper was made by a Windows user. Who the hell uses square monitors anymore.

  5. dizzy says:

    @Cthobs I do 🙁
    I was just thinking today how I need to get a new monitor too. I have my 46″ Aquos, but I usually only span to that monitor when playing PC games.

    Maybe santa will bring me one?

  6. Alex says:

    I’m sorry, isn’t this the “new” Apple Keyboard?
    I can see it’s a foreigner keyboard because of the simbols in the numbers 2 and 3, but….. how can it have the Apple logo on the command key?!

  7. ntr23 says:

    Hi guys,
    it is my macBook white with Czech keybord.
    And it isn’t walpaper. It is photo shooted by Lumix camera.

  8. Zilla says:

    Hi everyone,
    Whether you think the show is funny or not, can we all agree that the word Simpsons is a plural of the word Simpson and doesn’t need a damn apostrophe when you add the s? Native speakers of English, please take some pride in your language and don’t abuse it.

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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