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Another milestone reached – over 50 quality iPhone apps now on the iTunes store

Apple today announced that yet another iTunes milestone has been crossed – according to the company, over 50 iPhone applications are now available on iTunes which are considered to be “worth installing”. In related news, Apple also announced that the iTunes store this morning now contains over 15,000 applications in total.

The 51st quality app, Goldfish Clock (99¢), was approved at 2:30 AM this morning, and Apple feels it will be a game changer in the mobile computing industry. The application, which puts both a digital and analog clock made by tiny cute goldfishes on the user’s iPhone, is exactly the type of application iPhone customers have been asking for, according to Apple.

Goldfish Clock iPhone

“This is truly a great day for Apple and for our iPhone and iPod touch customers,” Apple’s Phil Schiller said in a statement. ” We have now crossed the 3% mark in quality when it comes to applications available for the iPhone platform, and we did it in just 6 months.”

Apple is on track to have over 100,000 apps on iTunes by years end with roughly 4-5% worth purchasing, according to the company. Among these will be new versions of InfoMedia’s iFart Mobile and Magnificent Library’s iVomit Mobile apps, which have become synonymous with the iPhone’s legendary usefulness and quality.

6 Responses to “Another milestone reached – over 50 quality iPhone apps now on the iTunes store”
  1. Sam says:

    The sad thing is that I’m still not sure if this post is serious or just a joke. It actually seems plausible enough to be serious…

    On second thought, nevermind, it has to be a joke, 50 apps is just too large a number to be plausible.

  2. That MacTizzle says:

    I almost picked up the Blackberry Storm today, but then I read this article, went to the AT&T store, and got an iPhone instead. I’ve already downloaded the iFart Mobile app, and I can’t imagine my life without it.

    Thanks, Macenstein!

    ps. iVomit Mobile is good, too. It’s just not as intuitive as iFart Mobile.

  3. Rowlings says:

    I can’t tell you how often I would use that fish clock app…

  4. iShervin says:

    LOL… happy about 50 apps and unhappy about goldfish app

  5. MacSheikh says:

    I like fish. What’s wrong with a fish app? You got something against fish, buster?

  6. Dr. Alexander Schwartzau says:

    This is just amazing. The iPhone is clearly much more than just a phone. It’s the device that will dominate the 21st century with quality apps like Goldfishclock and iFart. It’s simply mesmerizing.

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