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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting revisted: Megan Fox

I think this makes the 3rd time now we’ve featured Miss Fox, but I don’t care. Here she is yet again with her iPhone, this time in what appears to be a pink incase Slider case. And for all of you who say owning an iPhone doesn’t make you a Mac Chick, you can eat it, because she’s so hot I would run pics of her without an iPhone at all. Or a shirt.

megan fox iPhone pics

She seems to love her iPhone so much, that I am just positive she’s a Mac Chick. That is why I am offering a reward. $1 goes to the person who can deliver me a snapshot of Miss Fox using a Mac, preferably with the Macenstein homepage loaded on it. I assume some of her best friends must read Macenstein daily, so please get word to her that if she wants even more attention from the tech geek crowd, we are ready to be used. (In every sense of the word).

megan fox iPhone pics

megan fox iPhone pics

[via Celebslam (click for a ton more pics]

9 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting revisted: Megan Fox”
  1. jonro says:

    Is that a large tattoo on her right arm? She’s hot, but she loses a couple of points for that.

  2. Jonro,
    well, first of all, you are crazy. You could cover her in a Bea Arthur tattoo and she’d still be hot.But yes, she is basically covered in tattoos that the makeup artists cover for movies and photos. Most are girly poems about broken hearts and such.

    See here


    -The Doc

  3. edoreld says:

    I agree with the doctor here. Tattoos on a hot chick will never matter ^_^

  4. Joseph says:

    My eye sure doesn’t go to the Tatoo.

  5. darrell says:

    i think tattoos are so common that they won’t ever be considered as taboo or unique as before. megan fox rules.

  6. iShervin says:

    Nice, she is…

  7. alex says:

    If she has a Mac, I bet it does this: https://macenstein.com/archives/1878

  8. tom says:

    megan fox the amazing woman on earth!!
    & my love<3

  9. chenyip says:

    She’s so hot even my gf has megan fox tattooed on her.

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