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How to: Triple the length of your Fieldrunners Maze

As many of you know, we here at Macenstein are obsessed with the game Fieldrunners the tower defense game we named our iPhone Game of the Year. There are likely as many ways to build a Fieldrunners maze as their are Fieldrunners players, but odds are, no matter how awesome your maze is, SOMETHING got through รขโ‚ฌโ€œ be it a tank, a motorcycle, or one of those big orange robots. “If only my maze was a little longer!” I hear you shout. Well, I’m here to show you a trick that will actually let you double or triple (or more!) the size of your Fieldrunners maze. I’m not saying this is the definitive maze of death, but it’s a cool trick you should have in your Fieldrunners arsenal. Here’s how:

See this maze. This is what you want to make.

I’m not going to show you how to make it, you should be able to figure it out, and actually it doesn’t have to be exactly like this, but it needs to be similar. The key to extending your maze is these 2 squares. The first arrow is the “plug”, the second arrow is “the hole”.

Now, in it’s current state, the green path is the route all land-based Fieldrunners will tak to get from the left edge of the field to the right.

OK, so here we see a group of orange robots. As of round 110, they are almost unstoppable. In fact, as you can see, they are almost past the “hole” we have made, which is a crucial stop gap.

So here’s Step 1. Once your Fieldrunners reach “the hole”, pause the game. Next, you need to sell “the plug” gun. (I leave this as an un-modified Gatling gun as it will be sold many times, and there’s no point in updating it).

Selling the “plug” Gatling Gun will open up a hole bac ner the very beginning of your maze. Now, put a new “plug” gun right in “The Hole”.

By plugging “The Hole”, you’ve now forced the robots to follow a new path, which will take them all the way back through the maze they just traveled through, i effect doubling the maze’s length.

See that? The robots are now going back, through all those lightning towers for a second dose of deadly juice!

And of course, if the robots should make it all the way back to your new “Hole”, you simply need to sell the new “Plug”, and plug up the hole back the way you started. Using this method, you can run the Fieldrunners back and forth through your maze as many times as you’d like, wearing them down until they are defeated.

Hooray, they’re all dead! Now the only thing you need to worry about is the helicopters, as they will always fly in a straight line. Specifically, you need to watch out for the helicopters on Rounds 111, and 113, as Atomic Studios TOTALLY CHEATS AND MAKES THEM IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT! (At least on the “hard” setting). Please note: It is very important that you RE-PLUG the hole after each round! Otherwise the next wave of Fieldrunners will poor through at the beginning.

Specifically, you need to watch out for the helicopters on Rounds 111, and 113, as SubAtomic Studios TOTALLY CHEATS AND MAKES THEM IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEAT! (At least on the “hard” setting).

Above: Curse you, helicopters!

Well, hey, 800,000 points is respectable.

Above: Who’s your daddy?

With careful planning, you can use this technique on a bunch of different maze designs, as well as use it while building your maze. Now, if someone out there wants to give me a hint on how to destroy those helicopters, we’ll be all set!

18 Responses to “How to: Triple the length of your Fieldrunners Maze”
  1. iShervin says:

    wow! that’s alota time…
    I played TapDefence for hours and I didn’t get this one because i knew i would spends days and weeks on it!!!
    but now you make me think about it again…

  2. Jon P says:

    Thanks for this.

  3. Chad Landman says:

    This is AWESOME. I’ve thought about doing something like this, but didn’t think it would actually work.

  4. Chardish says:

    This is called “juggling,” and it’s a fairly critical skill in tower defense games that feature mazing.

    Desktop Tower Defense ( is unbeatable on Hard mode without it. I’m surprised that Fieldrunners lets you do it so easily.

  5. Pug says:

    It’s pretty much cheating and bad form, especially in a game that lets you pause to do it.. Read the strategy section of the Fieldrunners forum.

  6. Mocacchio says:

    @Plug: this is not cheating at all, this is called strategy. Cheating is something that is not allowed to do by default in a game. Selling towers are allowed. Where is cheating then? Think outside the box, please.

  7. Majd Taby says:

    Yeah i thought of that too, but it kinda ruins the game…it’s kinda like cheating….btw, why do you have so manny turrets? why haven’t you replaced them with rocket guns or teslas? Unless i’m mistaken, if you replace the gun turrets with rockets you get two extra lines of attacks on the helicopters since the rockets have triple the range of gun turrets

  8. brnmbrns says:

    This is mine.

  9. Pug says:

    @Mocacahio – Did you go and read the “Strategy” section of the Fieldrunners forum? Here is the link

    I’m getting back in my box now…

  10. Michael Savage says:

    My brother introduced me to this technique a week ago. I’ve now beat medium difficulty using it. And yes, the helicopters are a problem, if you don’t build missile towers. Build more missile towers and you’ll be good. I had 11 lives left after beating medium difficulty. Now on to the hard difficulty!


    P.S. I’m totally addicted to Fieldrunners!

  11. Testing out the new comments. Should be sweet.

  12. Brian says:

    Beating Desktop Tower Defense is NOT impossible to beat on Hard without juggling. Here is a perfect (no lives lost), no juggling, no sell, 9k score map:

    Now if you want the super-high 10k+ scores, yes, you need to juggle… because scoring in DTD is based on how quickly you summon the waves; so you summon an overwhelming amount all at once and just juggle them.

    Now Fieldrunners I have no idea… I am getting killed on medium so I don’t know if you’re supposed to juggle or what… which is what led me to this forum. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But Majd Taby and Pug’s responses have convinced me to keep trying without juggling, I will check out the Fieldrunners strategy forums. Cheers.

  13. DooMneZeu says:

    I have a better strategy….and btw…to beat the helicopters you need missle towers…lots of them ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Twib says:

    Dr Mac, why not use the space in the upper right hand corner? Extend the top row into the corner.

    About juggling: I believe it is not cheating, for it is legal. It is ethical? That is up to the user.
    You can refuse to juggle, But why create rules?
    The game will penalize you for selling items so on this strategy, a tower gets sold, then you have to put it back to the base defense

  15. Andy says:

    did round 113 of helicopters, best method i’ve found so far is to use the bomb tower and place as many as you can in their flight path.

  16. Mike says:

    Should I upgrade the towers one by one or upgrade all of them stage by stage of upgrade?
    Ex: x40 missles-> upgrade or x1 missle upgrade, x1 upgrade

  17. weee says:

    how about the hellicopter

  18. EsoxLucius says:

    I have got to over a million on level 350 by staggering the maze at 45 degrees.

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