Limited time offer! We have 49 Cat Piano codes to give away… - Macenstein

Limited time offer! We have 49 Cat Piano codes to give away…

cat piano

Odds are at some point in your life you’ve wanted to use your cat as a musical instrument, and odds are your cat didn’t love it. Well, assuming you avoided charges and are free to use your iPhone, we have just the thing for you. Cat Piano by George Talusan put’s a keyboard full of musical pusses in the palm of your hand, and we have a whopping 49 free codes to give away, but there’s a catch.

Cat Piano is due for an update sometime tonight or tomorrow, and these codes expire when the update is released. (These codes will all be eligible for the free upgrade when released). So if you want a free copy, leave us a comment below. We’ll take the first 49 entries, and do our best to e-mail them out before the expiration date happens (no promises though, we DO try to have somewhat of a life outside Macenstein). (THESE CODES ARE FOR THE U.S ITUNES STORE ONLY). Thanks!

81 Responses to “Limited time offer! We have 49 Cat Piano codes to give away…”
  1. antonis says:

    Sorry! Not in the us itunes store 🙁

  2. Christopher Chiu says:

    I love cats!

  3. Alexej says:

    i can has

  4. AJ K says:

    meow mix?

  5. Stephen says:

    I wanna one!!! I wonder if this’ll annoy my cats 🙂

  6. iShervin says:

    shoot! I am late!!! 😀

  7. JCM says:

    No, iShervin, you are # 49 because someone doesn’t want one, but made a comment anyway…

  8. Jordan says:

    Any more left?

  9. Roy says:

    My wife likes to do just that!!! If you have another code I’d like to get one 🙂
    Many TNX…

  10. FRANK says:


  11. Mexicola says:

    Is there a code left? Good looking piano app, nice.

  12. poohxu says:

    i think i’m too late… sniff!!!

  13. iShervin says:

    thanks “JCM” 🙂 but I haven’t got the code yet 😉

  14. herbivoor says:

    I’d like one :p but I guess I’m too late 😉

  15. chris says:

    Man, too late. 🙁

    What’s with all these give-a-ways anyway? You don’t need to buy our friendship (though it’s always nice)!

  16. Angel E. Velazquez says:

    I would like a code. I am in the USA.

  17. Jason says:

    Darnit. I’m too late. But I do like the new layout.

  18. Wiseguy says:

    I want a real piano.

  19. James says:

    Well, if you have any spares I would be appreciative 🙂

  20. Hanan Marton says:

    Look at my little pic and tell me I don’t deserve this!

  21. mike says:

    i know you love me.

  22. fractured says:

    Please??? Pretty please?

  23. alex says:

    Too freaking late?

  24. Phil says:

    Next time someone gives you some codes it would be sure nice for the rest of the world if you could ask for code for stores other than the US.

  25. Nadav says:

    🙁 I got my code but iTunes gives me an error saying “This code has already been used. Each code may only be used once.”
    Just my luck… 🙁

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