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(Possible) Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Jennifer Love Hewitt

OK, this one I can’t verify for sure, but I ran it by several prominent fellow Mac Blog owners, and we feel there’s better than an 87% chance that Jennifer Love Hewitt has a white iPhone 3G. Thoughts?

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt

[via Celebslam]

11 Responses to “(Possible) Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Jennifer Love Hewitt”
  1. Rich V says:

    G1 or Blackberry Bold in a case. Look at the bottom. You call that an iPhone 30 pin dock connector?

  2. MacSheikh says:

    Ooooh…she could be using an original “brick” motorola phone for all i care! She’s still MY chick (i wish). 😀

  3. darrell says:

    definitely not a white iPhone 3G – the bottom of the case would be completely white.

    maybe a white ericsson?

  4. Connor says:

    my first thought was a bold as well, but wheres the keypad? usually its somewhat visable

  5. Ficholas Norneris says:

    Having an iPhone doesn’t make her a Mac person, it makes her a consumer.

  6. G says:

    @Rich V
    the photo is really blurry, so the too long dock connector could be speaker+screw+dock+screw+mic

  7. MartinM says:

    Honestly I don’t think it is an iPhone connector on the bottom. There appears to be a larger hole underneath the “30 pin connector” – it’s not on my iPhone. My guess 67% not an iPhone 🙂

  8. ookami says:

    “…Hewitt has a white iPhone 3G. Thoughts?”
    …she is hot! 🙂

  9. jonro says:

    I think I will give her an iPhone if she has dinner with me.

  10. Celebrity Gossip says:

    She has a money to buy for it..I love her so much and I like the way she play her role in GHOST WHISPERER…More power!!!

  11. Matt Davis says:

    to all those who say its not an iphone, it is. thing is, its not white. its a black (or maybe 1st gen) iphone with a white case. my cousin has the same exact one on her black 3g. the bottom is large because the case doesnt cover the speakers.

    check out the white one here

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