“The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 16 - Macenstein

“The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 16

[Thank you, we have our winner, this contest is now closed.Congratulations to faithful Macenstein reader RonW!]

On the Sixteenth Day After Christmas, Macenstein gave to you (or, more accurately, gave you a chance to win…) A 2.1 Stereo Orb Speaker from mStation!

mStation Orb 2.1 speaker
Above: mmmmm…. spherical….

Are you tired of “square”-sounding audio? Then you are gonna love the Orb! This Sleek and Stylish “Made for iPod” Desktop Docking Station/ Speaker System packs a powerful thumping Bass that only a Dedicated Subwoofer can produce. Every Orb includes a 10 Key Remote that allows you to navigate within Playlists from a distance, as well as adjust the Volume ±, Bass and Treble. At approx 8 inches in diameter the mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb is the perfect addition to any Home, Office, or Dorm Room.

The mStation 2.1 Stereo Orb comes in 7 different colors to match your mood (White, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Silver) but we hope you’re feeling white, ’cause I think that’s the color your getting (not sure yet).

To enter: Since choosing which color Orb speaker you’d want is one of the toughest decisions anyone could be forced to make, we’ve got a much easier question for you. If you and your entire immediate family were on a sinking ship, and you could only save one of them, who would it be? (C’mon, you know you have a favorite! Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter, Brother, Sis? Don’t worry, they don’t read Macenstein, and we won’t tell). Winners will be picked randomly 7 days later and notified (kind of like in The Ring, only with less killing… we hope). Open to US and Canadian readers only. Good luck, and thanks for reading Macenstein! (Oh, and be sure to enter ALL our “12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaways!)
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295 Responses to ““The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 16”
  1. Daniel M says:

    me mum

  2. Ray says:

    I wouldn’t save myself, but give my space to my dad along with his Misses, might give them a chance to start fresh and appreciate life.

  3. Mike says:

    I guess my wife, I can make more kids.

  4. WFT says:

    Me then my mom

  5. Matt says:

    Dang that’s a sick question Dr…shall I call you Kevorkian?
    If I had to choose it would be my oldest brother since he has a family to take care of.

  6. From a family of the cool calm and collected lifestyle, I’m pretty sure we’d all panic and die. 🙂

  7. Shawn says:


  8. Thomas says:

    Sister, don’t tell her I said that.

  9. Joseph says:


  10. Benjamin says:

    Probably my sister.

  11. Brian says:


  12. kenny says:


  13. Sue says:

    Is it wrong to say my dog? She’s a member of the family too!

  14. Josh says:

    My 2 y/o son. He can’t swim yet. My oldest is 7 and is on a swim team, so he is covered.

  15. Edward says:

    my cat

  16. Well, my immediate family is just my wife and I, so it is simple, my wife!

  17. ryan says:

    have to be my mom…

  18. Franiel says:

    My brother.

  19. Gabe says:

    My Mother

  20. Michael says:

    I would save my wife.

  21. Kim G says:

    Silly question, but my sister for sure

  22. Nils says:

    my bro

  23. Kyle says:

    One of my siblings, probably my sister, the youngest, longest to live

  24. cyc says:

    i give a damn good go at saving both my sons, they are 3 and 1, surely I can carry them both

  25. ljohnson says:

    Guess I would have to go with the wife since she can hurt me from the great beyond.

  26. Andrea says:

    i`d save my lovely Sis 😀

  27. jalid says:

    my brother, he’s a very good swimmer •_•

  28. Jeremy says:

    That’s a toughie! Between saving my twin or my little sister (on her way to becoming a doctor), I’d have to say I’d save my sister because she use to be a swimmer. Sorry bro!

  29. artman1033 says:

    my one and only grand daughter little Mary.

  30. Larry says:

    My 5 year old daughter, because she’s the cutest girl in the world but not the best swimmer. My wife and two boys can swim, so they would have a chance to save themselves, as long as we’re not talking about a locked gate on the Titanic.

  31. Ethan says:

    This is really, really, really freakin’ hard for someone with 4 brothers and 3 sisters. Being honest with myself, I’d probably save my Dad. Actually, I’d probably take too long to decide and we’d all drown.

    For everyone saying they would give themselves up and let 2 family members live: stop breaking the rules. It’s not supposed to be that easy! 😉

  32. Kim V says:

    Too tough. Maybe my son he could swim and get help for all of us.

  33. Terry says:

    I’d have to draw straws and make it one of my kids

  34. Manny says:


  35. Dave says:

    Your mama.

  36. Chris says:

    I would save my dog. He’d be better company waiting for a rescue and if it comes to it eating him isn’t cannibalism.

  37. Amy L says:

    What an awful question! I’m wife and mom of 3, so I can’t even think about choosing. I guess I would die trying to save my entire family.

  38. Dree says:

    I’d choose my dog.

  39. keith j says:

    I’d save my cat because none of my other family members come across as cute when they chase a laser pointer.

  40. Mushii says:

    What a cruel choice… so it would be… no one

  41. Miles says:

    I think I can be selfish enough to not save any one and collect their life insurance and left over belongings.

  42. betsunin says:

    My wife, we can always start it all again


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