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“The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 25

On the Twenty-Fifth Day After Christmas (or is it the first Day of Martin Luther King Jr. Day?), Macenstein gave to you (or, more accurately, gave you a chance to win…) an Elevator Desktop Stand for Personal Computers from Griffin!

Elevator Desktop Stand for Personal Computers

I love this thing. Not only does it look cool and help show off your laptop, it actually serves a couple legitimate purposes as well. The Elevator lifts your laptop off your desk, allowing you to reclaim valuable desktop space, while at the same time raising the screen to a more comfortable, ergonomically friendly viewing height. And, by “elevating” your laptop, you also allow for a 360Ëš airflow which will help keep your computer running cooler (and as any MacBook owner knows, Macs may look cool, but they don’t run cool). Elevator’s sturdy brushed aluminum and minimal design go great with any desk decor, and Elevator holds your portable computer safely and securely at just the right height to match external monitors – and to save your aching neck.

To enter: Speaking of neck strain, this morning I took a comically bad face plant while sledding and really hurt my neck (sorry, no video, but it basically looked like this). So to enter this contest, simply leave us a comment telling us what is the worst injury you have ever sustained? Winners will be picked randomly 7 days later and notified (kind of like in The Ring, only with less killing… we hope). Open to all readers world-wide. Good luck, and thanks for reading Macenstein! (Oh, and be sure to enter ALL our “12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaways!)
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358 Responses to ““The 12 Days AFTER Christmas” Giveaway: Day 25”
  1. berknip says:

    Broken foot

  2. Seth says:

    L ACL Rupture

  3. andrew says:

    To broken index fingers when I was 10.
    Obviously on left hand and right hand. I had a splint on both hands. Really sucked!
    My PE teacher at the time made be play dodge ball too. Can you say TARGET!

  4. Georg says:

    The worst injury I have ever sustained?

    I was at the dentists today. Any questions?

  5. Sam says:

    Fell about 4m landing on my wrist, braking it.

  6. Josh says:

    Broken Tailbone. Shattered it into pieces.

    I was skateboarding and a photographer was taking pictures. I missed the landing on a handrail. Ouch.

  7. Car crash that injured my ribs, neck and shoulder and am still facing shoulder surgery 🙁

  8. galenthon says:

    a broken heart… ha ha not really…

  9. Sable Cantus says:

    Skateboard accident, age 8. I fell on my face and won 27 stitches inside my upper lip. I still have scar tissue from that.

  10. Rhonda Mason says:

    I gave birth to 6 kids!! Thats it, never a broken bone, only a broken heart.

  11. Kel says:

    When I was 12 I was so into skateboarding. Skateboard parks were not around, at least not in my area at that time (’87). We did however have concrete creation in the middle of a weedy field that had some nice transition to skate. All the skaters in the neighborhood would go there. My injury didn’t occur at this place per say, it occurred on my way there…

    I choose to ride my board down the street that lead to this particular place. not good. The street was probably only a 30 degree decline, but that’s all it took. About half way down I hit the dreaded speed wobble on my board. Unable to control the board from wobbling vigorously from side to side, I decided to try to bail. Trying to jump off at the speed I was traveling, I couldn’t get my feet/legs to catch up. I’m sure you can picture it, “yeah yeah, keep laughing.” After the handful of tumbling, I ended up with a large strawberry on my elbow, nothing broken fortunately! Not only that, on my way back home…clutching my damaged elbow in grimace…I get stung by a bee on my neck! GEEEZ.

    It may not be as bad as some of the other posts, but it sure is a day I will never forget. “It does make me laugh now every time I remember it.” Cheers!

  12. Jack McAlister says:

    I had metal shelving in a warehouse collapse and drop 250+ pounds on the back of my head and neck and pinning me to the cement floor. It caused constant migraine headaches that every doctor has told me I will have the rest of my life and will continue to get worse, and a traumatic brain injury that has caused severe cognitive loss, nearly no short-term memory anymore, and major learning disabilities. Now 10 years later I live in chronic pain, unable to work, and eventually will need care to feed and clean myself. So be careful in warehouses, kids!

  13. Lee Sook Fong says:

    I met with an accident a pickup knocked me when i am crossing the road and half of my face have been disfigured, so sad….

  14. Matt says:

    Worst injury was a skull fracture above my right eye, which of course was combined with a black eye, dislocated shoulder, and a knife wound. Say no to Tijuana kids!

  15. Keyman says:

    Car collision (I wasn’t the driver), got some cuts from glass shards just millimetres away from my eye. Lots of blood but nothing serious, could’ve been a lot worse.

  16. Kurt says:

    I ruptured two discs in my lower back, but not from lifting something heavy. This happened from twisting the wrong way while trying to pull a rope through some concrete barriers (don’t ask me why).

  17. Brian A says:

    Twenty Years cancer Free! I win!!!

  18. me Sam says:

    Dislocated my knee cap had to wear immobilizer and brace for 6 weeks.

  19. KC says:

    Two front teeth knocked out.

  20. Simon says:

    Ran into a halfopen gate when I was 6. my father heard the BANG at our neighbours place. 12 stiches

  21. Mike says:

    I broke my scaphoid going way to fast down a hill on rollerblades. Was stuck in a cast for 2 months.

  22. Kernel Dan says:

    Broke my leg as a kid when I thought I could jump off a tree and land safely :-/

  23. lars says:

    Cut my hand between thumb and forefinger with a nail.
    Could open the wound to see the vein still knocking blood through it.

  24. J. MeiHui says:

    Im a tertiary student, bringing notebook to campus is one gadget that cannot be missing from my bag daily. Also the usage of me using the notebook is more than my sleep hours. Thus my neck recently starts develop ache, giving unnecessary problems.
    I believed by using Griffin Desktop Stand can cured my neck problem in long term.

  25. den says:

    back pain

  26. agatha tresco says:

    fell down some steps suffered head injuries

  27. Pei Ling says:

    Broken my arm

  28. Jetfire says:

    Coming down a mountain on Rollerblades I hit loose gravel. The wheels came to a complete stop, and at that moment I knew what human flight felt like. That was until my elbow and bare chest met the asphalt. 36 stiches later I am still alive.

  29. Want computer for grandchildren

  30. Jeane says:

    Jumped out of a tree when I was ten and ran a pitch fork through my foot. I had to go to the hospital with the thing and have surgery to get it off/out. I was playing hide and seek with my cousins…sure did scare them!

  31. Dre says:

    Drink too much alcohol, fall from my bike, bust my hand and face, get found half dead on a bench and wake up in the hospital….
    Does this count?

  32. JulieDe says:

    I split my knee open right and required 7 stitches, after the stitches were removed, it opened up again, I have a yucky scar on my knee.

  33. Kal says:

    Broken jaw (in two places)!

  34. reeva says:

    broke toe

  35. Donna K says:

    I slipped on ice and broke my ankle.

  36. Hashpal says:

    dropped on a drain and hit my eye.

  37. Darren says:

    got bitten by a mosquito

  38. Booga says:

    Broken frenulum!

  39. When I slipped on a gravel road with my motorcycle scraping up my knees and forearms.

  40. Jason Isaac says:

    When I was an infant/toddler my mom accidentally, that’s what she said anyway, ran me over. I walked, um, crawled away.

  41. Martin Reichart says:

    Had a herniated vertebral disc in my lower back. Was only able to crawl on all fours for the first few days and only with crutches for the next several weeks despite being on serious painkillers.

  42. Jeff says:

    I dropped a drill and it managed to land bit first in my ankle.

  43. Face plant off the front of my bike onto concrete. 7 stitches in the ER on my chin and I had to throw out a nice tshirt. 🙁

  44. Tin says:

    Broken Wrist

  45. Jacob says:

    chipped tooth, fell over a retaining wall onto a driveway…

  46. demoabi says:

    papercut, i hate thin paper

  47. Kuzya says:

    broke my hand and have to do a surgery

  48. tom says:

    I cut my arm with a chain saw, I hate it when that happens!

  49. Kevin Wittig says:

    Broken heart

  50. Nate Radmacher says:

    I was sliding on a snowy/icy parking lot on my feet when I lost any sort of control and spun around, falling flat on my face… I broke my nose in several places and chipped half of my tooth off.

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