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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Jenny McCarthy

I always suspected Jenny McCarthy to be an Apple user, I just haven’t been able to find a suitable cleaning woman disguise that would allow me to break into her house to make sure. Luckily for me, these shots of McCarthy rocking a white iPhone 3G are evidence enough to convince me that my suspicions were correct, and will likely save me a long, drawn out stalking trial.

I’m not sure why Jenny McCarthy feels the need to make a “funny” face every time the cameras go off (as you can see below, shes still gorgeous), but there’s no denying she has held up extremely well over the years. In fact, she’s a couple years older than me and my breasts don’t look nearly that good.

[via UseMyComputer]

9 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Jenny McCarthy”
  1. jimmyg says:

    ….but do your legs look that good?

  2. The Stranger says:

    I realize there’s a lot of people that cannot stand Jenny McCarthy (not sure why), but count me among those who still think she’s gorgeous even after all these years. 🙂 Besides, I love her sense of humor. Childish though it may be, LOL!

  3. iShervin says:

    why does she has cover on? bcoz she like pink or bcoz she doesn’t want to get the iPhone scratched! surly she can afford an other one after 6 month!
    anyways, she looks GOOD… 😉

  4. darrell says:


  5. odin says:

    Oh my first celebrity crush…

  6. fischziege says:

    ppl who dont like her (like me) are apalled by her support of pseudoscience in her “fight” against autism. dont get me wrong, autism is a jorrible disease and everyone should do what they can to support the research for a cure, but that doesnt include going on talkshows and yelling at doctors, citing conspiracy theories and telling them she knows better because shes a mommy.

    i dont have the info here right now, but i belive before her crusade against mercury in vaccines she belived her kid didnt have autism but was some supernatural space beeing or something. the guys from the skeptics guide to the universe podcast have great segments on her bs.

  7. fischziege says:

    oh yeah, found it. look up indigo child, indigo moms and crystal child.

  8. poohxu says:

    i didn’t see an iphone 3G.

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