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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Penélope Cruz

Eagle-eyed faithful Macenstein reader Brett was perusing the New York Times “Great Performers” photo essay, and noticed that apparently Penélope Cruz uses a MacBook Pro.

Photo by Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photos

She also apparently uses Mr. T‘s jeweler. I pity the Cruz!

[Via The New York Times]

6 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Penélope Cruz”
  1. iShervin says:

    nice! but is that a black boori?

  2. MacSheikh says:

    She looks totally fine, as always.

    But what a waste to ruin such a nice sofa with a huge arrow sticker!

  3. Kensei says:

    Now that just all class! Beautiful woman. ;p

  4. nosetackle says:

    does she have an ipod in her palm ?

  5. Davor says:

    It’s a MacBook, not a MacBook Pro, the distance between the keyboard and the edge of the top case is too small for a Pro.
    Beautiful shot however…

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