Fieldrunners v1.2 released… And there was much rejoicing - Macenstein

Fieldrunners v1.2 released… And there was much rejoicing

Fieldrunners update

Atomic Studios has just released Fieldrunners v1.2 with a slew of goodies sure to keep me too busy to update Macenstein for the next couple days.

New in v1.2 is a new “Drylands” canyon map, a new flying Fieldrunner (a P-47 Thunderbolt), a new icon, better autosave, and faster loading times. But the big news for Fieldrunners fans is the addition of two new towers!

Fieldrunners update

First up is the Mortar Tower:

Mortar Tower: With a destructive payload and an explosive force, the mortar tower can obliterate entire areas of the field in a single devastating attack.

Next we have the Flame Tower:

Flame Tower: Capable of incinerating multiple fieldrunners in a single fiery swoop.


You can grab Fieldrunners from the iTunes store here .

[Update: Hmmm… looks like the update is not as cool as I hoped. The new weapons are only appearing on the crossroads map on my iPhone, and not at all on the iPod touch… Hopefully this is not intentional. It also seems to crash quite a bit, even after re-booting my iPhone. ]

[UPDATE 2: OK, I was wrong. You just need to beat classic mode and then play the game on “extended” or “endless” mode to see the new weapons. The price you pay for never reading the fine print…]

7 Responses to “Fieldrunners v1.2 released… And there was much rejoicing”
  1. SirFoxey says:


    Thanks for the heads up Doc. I have been so waiting for this. Time to go home sick from work this arvo 🙂

  2. Scratic says:

    This may seal the divorce. (please God, don’t let my wife read this!)

  3. James D says:

    I’m more of a 7 Cities Fan myself 😀

  4. iShervin says:

    Lovable game that is…

  5. adrockin says:

    OS 11 – The Bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. arno - says:

    Great graphics … but ….. crashes about every minute on my Iphone !!!

    …… hope the developers can create a fix … old version was running OK !!!

  7. T$$ says:

    Crashes to black screen about every half hour. Version 1 never crashed.

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