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Free MIMOBOT of the Week: Pink Meletta by tokidoki

We’ve teamed up with Mimoco to bring you a feature we think everyone will love – The Free MIMOBOT of the week contest! Each week we’ll be offering you a chance to win a different 2 GB MIMOBOT.

This week in celebration of Valentine’s Day, we are giving away the super cool Pink Meletta by tokidoki. Odds are you totally dropped the ball this Valentine’s Day and got the special lady in your life something lame like diamonds or trip to Aruba or something. Well, there’s still a chance to set things right and get back in her good graces by giving her what she really wants – a Pink Meletta MIMOBOT, designed by the amazing Simone Legno.

A word of warning – do NOT ask Meletta how she got that monkey on her head, or where the monkey got that banana, because she doesn’t know and, quite frankly, it’s ticking her off right now. Meletta is a constant reminder to eat your fruits before they eat you – or before that monkey on your back gets hold of them.

To Enter: Since Pink Meletta seems to have a monkey on her back, leave us a comment telling uswhat’s your biggest vice? (ie, what’s a bad habit you have you wish you could kick?). Winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends six days from now and is open to all readers world-wide. Good luck!

121 Responses to “Free MIMOBOT of the Week: Pink Meletta by tokidoki”
  1. Kenneth O'Banyoun says:

    Collecting Mimobots!

  2. autoy says:


  3. vikki says:

    eating worms

  4. Tan Yi Min says:

    Being lazy…….

  5. Ofek says:

    eating so much junk-food

  6. Jess says:

    chewing on my cuticles..

  7. imageek says:

    Procrastinating and reading sites like Macenstein all day instead of working.

  8. Lacey says:

    collecting too many things that are pink!

  9. Mike says:

    Grinding my teeth… wish I could stop, but I just can’t!

  10. DIego Mamani says:

    Wasting 6 hours of my life every night on reading mac rumors all over the internet

  11. Terry says:

    Reading my RSS feeds

  12. Kevin Wittig says:

    To much time wasted away on the internet. Not enough work done because of it.

  13. gina says:

    New Episodes of LOST… I go crazy between the hours of 9p and 10p on Wednesdays

  14. Jerry says:

    computer gaming..

  15. Addis says:

    I’m pretty sure I spend more than I make! :$

  16. Tobias Vemmenby says:

    Feeling like working is more important than taking care of my Macs…

  17. Scotty D says:

    Silk chocolate milk. I drink at least half gallon cartons a week.

  18. Heh … I think … having a Cola avery day … It’s a lot of sugar 4 me 🙁

  19. dan says:

    Forgetting to turn on Private Browsing – Safari

  20. edub says:

    habitually masturbating to mimobots

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