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Free MIMOBOT of the Week: rayD80


We’ve teamed up with Mimoco to bring you a feature we think everyone will love – The Free MIMOBOT of the week contest! Each week we’ll be offering you a chance to win a different 2 GB MIMOBOT.

This week we are giving away the super cool rayD80, the upgraded future version of the infamous rayD8 MIMOBOT. rayD80 has been blasted into the here-and-now by a lightning bolt charged with time particles. Now, he follows around his younger, more naive self, protecting him from flash events and broken bones.

To Enter: Since rayD80 is all about time travel, leave us a comment telling us if you could travel to any year in history, what would it be and why? (Oh, and no killing Hitler, that’s just too cliche). Winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends six days from now and is open to all readers world-wide. Good luck!

188 Responses to “Free MIMOBOT of the Week: rayD80”
  1. jonathan says:

    i’d travel to the early 90s and tell myself (assuming the universe doesnt implode) to pick a different career.

  2. Shannon R says:

    I would travel back to the days of early America. I know its silly but too far back is BAD for women so id be screwed lol… but id like to see how things were first started.

  3. Karny says:

    To see the land of Israel during King Solomon rule…

  4. Duck says:

    1992, so I could buy that delicious water of the gods known as Crystal Pepsi.

    I’d buy enough of it for Pepsi to continue production of it.

    Either that or tell them that if they fail to continue making it, thermonuclear war will break out in 1997.

  5. Ed says:

    1990 and give myself all the life advice I’ve learned so far

  6. Jonro says:

    1947 to Roswell, NM, to give the aliens a hand after their spaceship crashed there.

  7. Dan says:

    I’d go to the fifties and live the simplistic life.

  8. alex says:

    2050, so I could see what technology’s come up with
    and to see if the world’s not ended yet

  9. alex says:

    ps. Each week? That’s freaking awesome! Thanks!!

  10. Kevin Wittig says:

    Early to middle 1980’s. Everything was rather nice back then. I was young, I was skateboarding, and having loads of fun.

  11. Steven Thompson says:

    right before the big bang. that’s the best. who doesn’t wanna know how that all happened?

  12. Muhammed says:

    I’d travel to January 20th 2001 and bitchslap George W. for beeing such an idiot.
    In the ancient Anatolia there was a wise man called “Nasreddin Hoca”. He once sent his young boy with a jar to grap some water. (those days they didn’t have water conduits). Before the young boy left the house Nasreddin beat his son. The neighbour, who saw this, asked him why he beat his son. Nasredding replied “There is no use to beat him after the jar is broken!”.

  13. Forrest Watkins says:


  14. Derek Foo says:

    I would go back to AD 30, and hear Jesus for myself.

  15. paul vinieratos says:

    i would go back to 1997, one year before google started, and start google myself:p

  16. Trip Mitchell says:

    1990 or 91, find myself, convince me that there are more important thing in life and create a real continuum paradox

  17. Jamsa says:

    Back to last week with the winning numbers to buy a lotto ticket… then I wouldn’t need to post here for free crap 🙂

  18. Brad says:

    oh man thats tough, I hate to re-use someone else’s ideas but going to a Pink Floyd concert just sounds too good to pass up.

  19. DIego Mamani says:

    Forget the past…I’d like to go far enough in the future that jet-packs are affordable.

  20. DIego Mamani says:

    Ok to win the contest i’ll
    I’d GO back to 1976
    To become best friends with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne
    maybe even ELVIS to stop him from dieing and finaly in the end become co-founder of Apple.

  21. Ken says:

    I’d go back in time to see Jesus walking around.

  22. vandy1997 says:

    1999 – countdown to the millenium once more!!

  23. edxs11 says:

    3000 years to see just how different the earth was.

  24. Carlo says:

    I’d like to go back to the 16th century (maybe 1520) and just explore the world in a sailing ship

  25. Brian says:

    1985 (Back to the Future)

  26. MacMarine says:

    The Big Crunch moment to see what’s next!

  27. SnackyBear says:

    I would go back in time to visit Nikola Tesla’s laboratory.

  28. Christian Fierro says:

    to the year 0 to see Christ, and maybe become one of his apostols

  29. ric ede says:

    To sit and watch what happens as The Mayan Long Count calendar ends on the winter solstice of 2012 A.D

  30. biblezombie says:

    Early 80’s so that I could meet my wife before her 1st hubby and spare her a lot of pain. I could also invest in Apple when it was cheap enough to afford.

  31. Jeremy says:

    1950, Coney Island. I’d like to meet the young Betty Page.

  32. Lim BengHock says:

    2012. where most ppl claim it’s the end of the world

  33. Tim says:

    Last Thursday 6pm, now I know the solution to my Calc test! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  34. Brian Juul Nielsen says:

    1980.. I miss the 80’s SO much!!

  35. David says:

    i like the present so i’ll stay in 2009 😀

  36. - Jie - says:

    I’d go to the early 70’s to make friend with my dad!

  37. Alex D says:

    10 i.Hr just to see what the big deal is.

  38. Curtis says:

    6000 or more years ago just to prove to those fundamentalists that the earth is just a little bit older than they think. 😉

  39. Smorgasbord says:

    When ever the Big Bang started so I would know how everything got here. Wait a minute! I’d be blown up in the “Bang.” Let me keep track of the lottery winners around the USA for a few years, then go back and win them all.

  40. Castile says:

    I would go back to 1958 and talk to Duncan Edwards before he died.

  41. Pei Ling says:

    1987…To restart my life again…

  42. Brent says:

    1995 to get a better start on the whole career thing

  43. To the invention of the wheel! And add spikes to it!

  44. Jean Vasquez says:

    I would travel back to the date that this contest began, and keep entering until I win the little mimobot.

  45. Ryan Powell says:

    I’d go back to August 14, 1995 and warn myself not to waste my money on the Virtual Boy. So many other things a teenager could spend his money on…

  46. 3gfisch says:

    I would travel to 1984 to see the presentation of the first Apple Macintosh by Steve Jobs.

  47. matt says:

    Ahead to the end of the earth, year??

  48. Smith says:

    1974 to watch Johan Cruff play Total Football

  49. Nils says:

    I’d travel to year (n-1) so there is only one year left.

  50. Josh says:

    I would go back to 1986 and tell myself to not give up on the computer programmer dream.

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