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Apple not trying to hide its pro-Obama leanings

Apparently the iMac’s new graphics card can display pro-Obama news faster than before.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Whaps for the link!

7 Responses to “Apple not trying to hide its pro-Obama leanings”
  1. Jason Jardim says:

    Apparently Safari 4 Beta also gains its Cheetah like speed through Obama as well. Take a look at the pic.

    I personally have no problems with it at all being an Obama supporter, but I wonder what types of comments Apple has gotten.


  2. iShervin says:

    wikid 🙂 Imagine what new Mac Pro is gonna do for you!!! you may will see the white house’s webcams!!!

  3. imajoebob says:

    I’m pretty sure your tongue is firmly jammed in your cheek, but in case a few of the “less enlightened” take you seriously, that’s the NY Times web page, the leading news organization in America, and a picture from the inauguration, easily one of the top stories of the year, if not the 220 years of the republic.

    It has a lot more gravitas than Twitter or MySpace.

  4. yaddacubed says:

    Maybe Apple is lobbying for some of the Porkulus Generational-Theft Act funds. After all, Al Gore is on the board. Never saw a corporate-welfare spending program or tax he didn’t like!

    imajoebob – Puhhhhhlllllleeeeeeeese!!! Restrain your Obamagasm. Top story in U.S. history? Over the end of the Cold War? Berlin Wall? Pearl Harbor? 9-11? And the NYT a leading news organization? For what, a declining east coast readership? How ’bout the leading news-fabricating, traitorous America-hating bankrupt fishwrap/birdcage liner?

  5. Kurtsayin says:

    I think everyone knows that Apple is left-leaning in its politics… I work in marketing and I can tell you Obama overload WILL happen and all of the “what an historic time” folks are going to get bored and then everyone is going to wonder why “Change you can believe in” turned into “deficits too high to let in sunlight.”

    When that happens (and it will) people are going to realize that life was actually better during *gasp* the Bush years and there will be a liberty-minded conservative leading in the polls before any of the party-loyal Democrats can say “but… uh healthcare… er global warming… uh welfare IS a tax-cut…”

  6. I dont find anything wrong with it.

  7. mike says:

    It IS weird to see them pick a post about the president of the united states during an election year! Where’s the Octomom!? And how dare the NYtime put the president on the cover! LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS! They should also have NOT the president on the front page also, to make sure it’s balanced.

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