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Free MIMOBOT of the Week: Zombie Tiki God


We’ve teamed up with Mimoco to bring you a feature we think everyone will love – The Free MIMOBOT of the week contest! Each week we’ll be offering you a chance to win a different 2 GB MIMOBOT.

Awww yeah! Check it out! This week we proud to be giving away a Zombie Tiki God MIMOBOT, the perfect way to transfer your files as well as curse your enemies.

To Enter: It’s always fun to imagine that things like VooDoo, magic, genies, and the moon landing are real. So this week to enter, leave us a comment telling us if you could have ONE WISH, what would it be? (and no wishing for extra wishes – that will anger the Gods and they will smite your ass). Winner will be picked randomly. Contest ends six days from now and is open to all readers world-wide. Good luck!

188 Responses to “Free MIMOBOT of the Week: Zombie Tiki God”
  1. mpeterke says:

    A new 17” MacBook Pro…

  2. jeremy says:

    I wish for a rainbow colored puppy!

    nah, who am I kidding… I’d like a bucket of money instead.

  3. Marlon says:

    My wish will be to have spent more time with my mom… Knowledge… And world peace!!!

    OMG that was 3 wishes 😛

  4. Chris says:

    I wish I wasn’t sick.

  5. christian fierro says:


  6. yesyesyes says:

    I wish health care was a right.

  7. biblezombie says:

    my wife’s and my whole family was saved.

  8. Brian McGarry says:

    I wish to bring home all the troops from combat zones and send all the bankers, brokers, and politicians in their place, just as a thank you for their wonderful managerial skills…nothing but love for them.

  9. Chriswan Winata says:

    I’m wishing for Lot’s of donation for Macenstein

  10. Kurt says:

    I wish I had a nice big bowl of Frosted flakes…. AND this very cool TIKI drive!

  11. Trondheim says:

    I’d wish for Ralph Nader to become president.

  12. Tom says:

    Even though I feel selfish trying to win a Tiki flash drive I wish that unemployment would go away. I live next to a city that has one of the worst unemployment rates in the US (Elkhart, IN). I have a one year old and my wife and I are lucky to have pretty stable jobs, so my heart goes out to those people who have to wake up everyday and try to figure out how they will take care of their families.

  13. Jennifer says:

    I wish someone to find a cure for the hiccups. I can’t get over that we can send men into space and there are dozens of drugs to make penises larger but no one even knows why we get the hiccups!

  14. ArKay says:

    Wow. A real live wish.
    I’d have to go for myself and all my family and friends to be comfortable in all ways for the rest of their lives. No need to have millions, McMansions and flashy cars. Just stable income equal to their needs, health and happiness .

    Not truly greedy and not syrupy altruistic either.

  15. Dotanuki says:

    I wish to collect the whole VDC Series

  16. I’d wish for a mimobot!

  17. Melissita says:

    I wish I could talk to animals!!

  18. William says:

    I wish that the US / World economy would bounce back faster than it fell

  19. Rob says:

    I would wish for the ability to see the future

  20. I wish that Las Vegas was back the way it was in the Sinatra days, not the family-friendly tourist-trap it is now.

  21. Alex says:

    If I had one wish, I would wish for more “The Free MIMOBOT of the week contest.”

  22. Chelc says:

    Well, I’m not sure this contest for this awesome Tiki mimobot is still open, but others have posted today, so I will as well. My wish would be to fly – soar like a bird, but without the fear of falling. Is that Freudian? Oh well. Oh, and to have a little Tiki mimo-friend to fly with me!

  23. ricky says:

    if i had only one wish i would want it to be beneficial for the entire world,…so i would probably wish that they would finally release “family matters” onto dvd.

  24. Koryn Dimock says:

    I wish I had enough money to help my friend that lost her job, insurance and her apartment soon. One car just died, and the other isn’t far behind. I love her so, I’d fix the world for her if I could. even if I don’t win, please send her warm fuzzies.

  25. Lim says:

    I wish for true free market capitalism without government intervention.

  26. hekate101 says:

    I wish I were a kid again.

  27. Xixi says:

    I wish I had money for college.

  28. I wish my taxes were done already.

  29. Carlo Andreoli says:

    I wish to lopp my life between 18 and 28 🙂

  30. MP says:

    I wish to get a new job!!!

  31. Johneethia says:

    i wish to make my mom proud as she is in the heavens to graduate from highschool!

  32. zhenya says:

    I wish I had a wish!

  33. Summy says:

    I’d wish everyone in the world had a pause button, so they can just chill out and take it easy

  34. MAYRA says:

    My wish is to finish school and have a prosperous career!

  35. Kris says:

    I would like a clean house that automatically stayed clean! Oh, and an end to world hunger.

  36. SOBA says:

    I wish for what I always wish for…. consistent contentment.

  37. jennifer says:

    I wish for a healthy, long, happy life with my husband. ;]

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