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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Well, St. Patrick’s Day kind of snuck up on us this year, so we’re just going to go ahead and do what we did last year, give away an obnoxious Bagpiping iPhone ringtone to you all!

Above: Bill puts the “Mac” in “McEvoy”.

Yes, we’re well aware that our readers are raging alcoholics and will likely begin drinking at 5PM this afternoon (if they haven’t already), and not stop until sometime after Labor Day. So, in an effort to give you guys something stupid to do in between blackouts, we’ve had Macenstein‘s head bagpiper, Bill McEvoy, whip up us an iPhone-compatible ringtone you can impress your friends with while celebrating the 3rd-least important US holiday there is, St. Paddy’s Day. (Oh, and if you are in the NY/NJ area and need a bagpiper (and who doesn’t?), Bill’s your man!).

While all bagpipe songs are annoying enough to make a good ringtone, Bill settled on the classic “The Minstrel Boy“, and as it turns out, it makes a truly ear-splitting ringtone, capable of cutting through the din of even the noisiest bar.

Installing the ringtone should be easy. Simply download it from the link below, be sure your iTunes library is set to “Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized” in iTunes’ “Advanced” preference tab, and drag this bad boy into the main iTunes window. You should then be able to sync to your iPhone from the Ringtones tab. Enjoy, and thanks again, Bill!

Right-Click here to download Macenstein’s “The Mistrel Boy” ringtone, and hit “Save Target File As…”. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Macenstein!

7 Responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”
  1. Justin says:

    It’s noon somewhere, drink up! 🙂

  2. Phelim says:

    Did you know, my last name was originally MacBrady. How’s that for coincidence. Eh, eh?

  3. James says:

    It’s not a US holiday.

  4. David Emery says:

    5pm? Hahahaha. I took the day off and started at 10am when my local Irish pub (in Beijing) opened!

    Next up, Cinco De Mayo and tasty margaritas!

  5. Angel E. Velazquez says:

    Is that Shawn from “YourMacLifeShow.com” ?

  6. Scratic says:

    So I says to Mabel, I says: “Mabel, things won’t ever improve as long as you let that boy run all over you.” Then she says to me, she says: “drop it into 2nd and bark the tires at these studs.”

  7. Rowlings says:


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