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OK, I admit it, I don’t really care if we get copy and paste on the iPhone

OK, I admit it, I don’t really care if we get copy and paste on the iPhone. I just kind of got all caught up in the “Hey! Where the hell’s the copy and paste?!?” sentiment that swept the web two years ago when the original iPhone launched.

Wait… Seriously? How did it happen?

Having never used a Blackberry before, but being of the firm belief they were now the enemy, I knew I was supposed to be outraged that Blackberry users could not only copy text, but PASTE it as well! Of course, the pasting was the real thing that got me, as copying without pasting is more or less useless.

When version 2.0 of the iPhone software hit a year later, I was more outraged that Apple was ignoring the fact that we had complained for so long than I was upset that I was missing out on any real functionality. Why didn’t Apple care that Blackberry users were able to paste, while iPhone users could not (although I myself had no real desire to do so). In fact, despite owning an iPhone since the original launch (and getting it to actually work on AT&T’s service 6 days later) I think there have maybe been two times that I remember thinking, “hmm… I wish I didn’t have to retype that”. I guess I never viewed the iPhone as a laptop replacement, and nothing I typed was ever all that long or important anyway.

iPhone v 3.0 Software

So tonight, on the Eve of what promises to be Apple finally delivering the most bitched about feature in iPhone history, I say to you, “So what?”. If the rumor mill is to be believed, the iPhone version 3.0 software is probably bringing us Copy and Paste, MMS messaging, Push Notification and perhaps some sort of background processing feature – four things most of us thought the iPhone should have had 2 years ago, and 4 things the competition has had for more than 2 years.

So here’s to hoping that version 3.0 of the iPhone software does more than simply let the iPhone play catch up. Here’s to hoping Apple actually has a couple tricks up its sleeve come tomorrow to help reignite my inner fanboy flames which I must admit, are growing dim these days.

18 Responses to “OK, I admit it, I don’t really care if we get copy and paste on the iPhone”
  1. Danny says:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, especially you’re last paragraph. I’ve been seriously considering switching over to the Bold, or even better, another carrier that is more reliable.

    I was all set to go buy a Bold when the 3.0 event popped up in my RSS reader. It has held me off until tomorrow at least. We’ll see what happens.

    I don’t care about C&P either, but some of the other additions would be more than welcome.

  2. Mike Major says:

    Right there with you brother!!!!

  3. I hope we can get past this Doc because I love to copy and paste!

  4. Justin says:

    Oh, a home divided! 🙂
    Sorry bride of Macenstein, have to side with the Dr. on this one. Copy and paste is on the bottom of my wish list. I would rather have background apps and/or push. The only feature I could care less about than copy/paste is MMS. Most of my friend have iPhones or email on their phone so I would never use MMS anyway.

  5. the real bride of macenstein says:

    forget background apps, I WANT FLASH!

  6. thisisjohnny says:

    i never found much purpose for copy and paste. it wouldn’t enhance anything that i do on a normal basis.

    as for MMS… with twitter, and flickr, and other sites like facebook that have mobile uploads and ways to share pictures with people, i haven’t found much purpose for picture messaging either. why send to one person when i can post online for everyone to see?

    push email is nice. i get my work emails sooner than my desktop outlook client does most of the time. but still — i can go 15, 30 minutes without getting email from my google account. email wasn’t intended to be instant communication.. that’s why the PHONE part of the iphone exists.

    there’s a whole lot of people who i think make too much out of technology… and this is coming from a tech guy himself. i grew up on technology — i majored in technology — i work for a consulting firm that deals with technology… and it’s from being around technology so much that i find more and more people using technology for reasons that don’t really make any sense.

    why do you need to send an instant message of a funny picture to someone? do funny pictures have a shelf life where the humor expires? 99.9% of the time, your picture message is nothing more than an instant email.. and if email is inherently not an instant form of contact — why do we expect it to be?

    it just seems like people forget about what the PHONE part of the iphone is about, and expect the instant forms of communication to come from the other features the technology has to offer. the other features that we often have incorrect expectations about.

  7. Jeremy says:

    I don’t really care about copy+paste either, but I really hope we get it just so everyone will shut up about it. 🙂

    I mean, really, if tomorrow comes and goes and there is still no copy+paste, all the Mac sites are going to be in an uproar about it that will drown out anything else.

  8. Jonro says:

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  9. Scratic says:

    Tonight we had chili for supper. The dogs didn’t have any, but when one of them threw up, it looked a little like chili. I think it’s just dog-food. I didn’t have to clean it up because they usually eat their own comeupins.

  10. Imagine Engine says:

    I hope that iPhone OS 3.0 will bring tethering, copy/paste, ability to edit documents, multiple attachments for Mail, background push for apps, video recording, themes, A2DP, turn by turn voice navigation and Bluetooth file transfer. Sure I can get most of these with jailbreaking but I shouldn’t need to jailbreak if Apple would start offering what the competition has for quite some time.

  11. Digital Mercenary says:

    My friend has a device that can spread peanut butter on bread. I can’t with my iPhone ( it won’t fit in the jar opening unless I buy the super jumbo size.) I’m seriously thinking about dropping my iPhone and buying a kNife. They work much better. You can even cut a lot of things with them. When is Apple going to listen to me. If there isn’t a hypersonic peanut butter spreader built in to the iPhone 3.0 release I am getting rid of my iPhone.

  12. crsrc says:

    Most of the time I’ve wished I could copy/paste is when I want to text/email a url. If it’s a long url with a bunch of weird characters and numbers you really can’t do it without copy/paste. Also if I’m looking up an address in safari then want to search for it in the maps.app, copy/paste would make it a helluva lot easier. There have been a few other situations where I could have used it but these have been the most common.

  13. Tyson Junkers says:

    THANK YOU!!!! Finally! Everyone cries about Copy and Paste and I have it with my jailbroken iPhone and haven’t use it once.. I don’t get why everyone crying about it… It seems to be something everyone wants, but nobody knows why!

  14. Mike says:

    I got copy/paste on my jailbroken iPhone, and use it regularly. Actually, it’s not copy that I really miss from my Symbian phone, it’s paste. I kept set of key text strings in the templates area, and I use copy/paste for that more than anything else. I think of them as a “favorites” list for text input. Would you want to give up your favorites list in ?


  15. darrell says:

    i actually want apple to fill out the check-list that the iPhone haters keep preaching about just to make them shut up.

    apparently it’s a make or break feature to be able to send someone a smiley face or take a picture and SMS it… when you can do the same thing with email. or be able to record video just for bragging rights. i think the last video i’ve seen from a cell phone had saddam in it…

  16. iShervin says:

    So What…
    I am with you Doc, we should have all of these 2 years ago! but on the other hand if you look at the first iphone’s camera and the second one! is exactly the same! no improvement! after all we can say we didn’t need it! or even don’t need it but if it was there it would make life easier and life/phone more luxurious.

    Now, the fact is… the missing features for the iPhone 3G is so many that doesn’t matter how many of them will be covered tonight, we will still miss some real deal out there!

    I am sure copy and paste will be there! but the problem is in UK / EURO we use “sms” alot more than you guys in USA, so I myself prefer to have ability to type sms landscape, to be able to forward sms and copy and paste in SMS! which I think you guys won’t even care!

    But what Apple will bring tonight will be a little bit of everything that we needed during last 2 years!!!

    BARE in mind, the 3rd iPhone has to be be realized sometime by end of summer or sometime before xmas this year, so don’t hope for everything because they will HOLD ON TO SOME FEATURES till the 3rd iPhone…

    Can’t wait to see what apple will bring to iPhone this time, I hope it’s going to be better than the MAC WOLRD 09!

  17. Chris M says:

    Similar to many comment here, I’ve lived without copy and paste for so long I’m not sure what I’d do with it if I had it!

    My list of would really likes are:

    SMS Forward
    Spotlight (Address Book, Mail, Notes)
    SMS Sound Customization
    Undoubtedly there is more they can do with 3G signal reliability
    Battery Power Improvements

    Roll on 5pm (UK time to find out)

  18. Dave B says:

    I have to wonder if iPhone OS 3 (2009) will catch up to the functionality of Newton OS 2 (1996). Probably not, OS X still hasn’t.

    For an OS/ device that was cancelled in February 1998, the Newton set the standard. Document editing, system wide copy/cut and paste, printing, multi-tasking, the list goes on…

    I really think that someone at Apple looked at the Newton OS and decided that the unwashed masses couldn’t comprehend the features, so they decided to go for flashy and sexy and consumerism. “Hey! You can buy the latest top 40 track right on my iPhone! Aren’t you hip!”

    I have to get back to work now so I can pay for my iPhone data plan…

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