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Win one of 5 copies of TranslateIt! for Mac!

“Moje genitálie jsou schopni zmrazit čas.” Ahh, if you only knew how many times that phrase helped me out when I was in Czechoslovakia. What? You don’t speak Czech? Oh. Well, if you owned TranslateIt! for the Mac, you’d know what I just said (and you’d have a new found respect for me). Well, luckily for you, TranslateIt! has decided to give us Five 1- year licenses of their extremely cool translation software to give away to you, our most faithful of faithful readers.


Yes, studies have shown that most of us (particularly in America) are not as multi-lingual as we should be, but thanks to TranslateIt!, we can pretend we are! TanslateIt! has one of the slickest interfaces I have seen in any application, and it actually is a testament to its coolness that it makes translating things fun. I’ve been playing with the app for about half an hour so far and I am still finding new features. Key highlights (IMO) are:
• full text translation
• lots of free dictionaries for a great number of languages
• support for custom dictionaries,
• ability to look up words in any cocoa application by just moving the pointer over them
• translation from clipboard
• drag-and-drop translation
• text to speech
• a Spotlight-like ‘search as you type’ input method
• and a totally customizable dictionary display.

You can even use TranslateIt! as a teaching tool, as it can print Flash cards as well as quiz you in its Word Quiz game.


TranslateIt! claims it can translate to and from any language – and I did see a dictionary listed for every language of any country I imagine has a computer in it. Pretty much the only language missing is Klingon, but the good news is you can always add Klingon yourself as a custom dictionary, as TranslateIt! has an integrated converter for XDXF, Apple Dictionary, DSL, DCT formats, and the upcoming version will able work with most popular online dictionaries.

To enter: Just tell us what is the one language you wish you spoke fluently. (Personally, I’m still working on English…). Contest is open for 10 days to all readers worldwide. Thanks, and good luck!

106 Responses to “Win one of 5 copies of TranslateIt! for Mac!”
  1. Lienster says:

    Texas English, always wanted to be a cowboy

  2. Tom says:

    I wish I could speak Hungarian – then I could talk to my wife.

  3. sImPOD says:

    Swedish, it seems to be a good thing to live there…

    [i]Mais ai-je vraiment envie de quitter “ma” France?[/i]

  4. JG McLain says:

    I wish I could speak Chinese. I love the language.

  5. John says:


  6. Kay D says:

    I really like anime, I want to be fluent in Japanese. French is also very cute.

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