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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Evangeline Lilly

Wow, this makes LOST even MORE confusing. How did Freckles get an iPod? Is this iPod in the past, present, future, or all in Desmond’s mind?

[via UseMyComputer]

8 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Evangeline Lilly”
  1. piratx says:

    I can see the iPhone 3G (white) too.. anyone else? it’s with her wallet 🙂

  2. calemon says:

    Doctor, that’s a Shuffle

  3. calemon says:

    @piratx naaa… If that was the case then her hands would have to be HUGE.

    Hold one in your hand and compare.

  4. Mac Soda says:

    Does an iPod Shuffle really make her a Mac Chick?

  5. Min says:

    In Macenstein’s world. Yes! She is! <3 Freckles

  6. Justin says:

    She’s hot and I love LOST so I going to just agree with the Doc on this and say she is a Mac Chick

  7. dude says:

    thats a lot of food on her plate. must be pretty hungry

  8. Check out LOST information on your OWN iPhone at http://lost.ifthensoft.com. I bet Lily uses it…

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