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This looks all kinds of stolen

I was somewhat surprised to see that Nintendo had released its first iPhone game today, the cult classic Donkey Kong, and even more surprised to see it only cost 99¢. Of course, a quick click revealed the game is not from Nintendo at all, but from a French developer called VeryGames.

iDonkey Kong for iPhone

The first thing to tip me off was the splash screen image on iTunes. I don’t know which Anime porno they stole that girl from, but the princess in Donkey Kong NEVER looked that hot. Clue number 2 was the French writing, and clue 3 was the total lack of any type of design skills.

Still, I decided, hey, for 99¢, let’s see what the deal is, and as it turns out, it appears to be a fairly faithful port of the original Donkey Kong – well, at least the first 2 levels, as the controls are so frustrating to use for this kind of game that I quickly gave up trying to get past that.

iDonkey Kong for iPhone

As bad as the controls are, however, the big disappointment is that the game does not have any sound. I’m not sure what kind of a half-assed software pirate DAUSSE Emmanuel is (the listed publisher) but come on, if you decide to rip off Nintendo grab the sound effects too next time.

iDonkey Kong for iPhone

This is yet another ridiculous example of the problem with the iTunes approval process. I know Donkey Kong is an older game, but you can’t tell me the hip young Apple employees who approve these games never heard of it. Anyway, I’m sure within an hour or two the game will be pulled, so if you would like to silently play iDonkeyKong on your iPhone, you better grab it now.

4 Responses to “This looks all kinds of stolen”
  1. Kelly says:

    I agree. Strange approval process. I am, however, a big Donkey Kong fan, so I grabbed it. Thanks Doc.

  2. imajoebob says:

    France has had some “eclectic” copyright laws, so this may be somewhat legit. If software is treated like a book or music, ownership is almost endless including for your descendants. But if this is viewed as technology, then copyrights and patents are/were difficult to renew. Donkey Kong is easily 25 – 30 years old, so it may now be public domain in EU countries. The anime princess could be a result of the Princess being used in later games.

    Or they’re just criminals.

  3. Kelly says:

    I am wondering if I could find Donkey Kong music somewhere and play it in iTunes while I play the game. this app needs sound. Love Donkey Kong. Let’s get cracking on sound for this thing, somebody.

  4. iDarbert says:

    Zero no Tsukaima, it’s not a “porno” though.

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