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Desmond was a wuss

Fans of the TV show LOST are very familiar with the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 – they are the numbers of the Valenzetti Equation and the numbers that Desmond had to type every 108 minutes in order to stop the island from blowing up, and possibly the world… I never quite got that… Well, fans will also recall that entering those numbers every 108 minutes, combined with the fear of catastrophic failure made Desmond (and his predecessor) more than a little wacky.

Above: This trailer is ALMOST good enough to make me want to buy this app…. Almost.

But we all know Desmond was a wuss, right? I mean, who couldn’t enter those numbers every 108 minutes? It’s not like he had anything else to do. Well, here’s your chance to show the world how mentally tough you are (and how little a life you have) by playing Smallrock Software’s Doomsday Terminal app for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Yes, the numbers are different, but the idea is the same. Every 108 minutes you must enter the same sequence of numbers, or the world blows up. It doesn’t matter if you were sleeping, at the movies, in an important meeting, giving birth, or what. When that alarm goes off, you better start entering numbers. You best times are uploaded to a server where you can see who you have outlasted. You can even send to and receive messages from the mysterious forces behind the Doomsday Terminal.

As lame as this might sound, I actually think it would be fun to try if I were still back in the carefree summers of my youth where I didn’t have a job or any ethical reason to avoid sleep deprivation (such as a driver’s license). I could totally see my friends and I placing a bet during the summer to see who could last the longest. (Lord knows we didn’t have any girls around to hold us back from such lame acts of geekery). Anyway, if the economy is really as bad as people say it is, then odds are there are a bunch of you out there right now with no reason not to devote weeks to pushing your mind and body to its limits. Besides, if you do really well, you can always add “saved the world” to your resume.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Xyber Druid for the tip!

5 Responses to “Desmond was a wuss”
  1. Amy S says:

    as a polyphasic sleeper, i’m going to kick everyone’s ass pretty fast. makes me wanna play it.

  2. Kutt-Out says:

    As a massive Lost fan my instant reaction is to BUY BUY BUY!
    But obviously it’s just a bit of a joke for the fanboys, but this is practically non lost without 4 8 1516 23 42. The developers need to get in contact with ABC and try and get a deal so the official numbers can be allowed….. if that is even the problem. Then this would be an instant buy, otherwise this would be an definite sale.

  3. Mike says:

    Hi everyone, maker of Doomsday Terminal here. Thanks for checking it out.

    One of the most frequent request we have had is to use the Lost numbers. The numbers we chose actually do have significance of their own and we thought it might be fun for people to try and discover that.

    Obviously, though, we want the app to be enjoyable as possible, so we have added a feature that allows the user to configure the numbers. There are some rules built in to make sure the number is of a certain length and complexity, but it allows you to use the Valenzetti if you like.

    The update was submitted today. Given Apple’s current review times it will probably go live around May 22nd.

  4. Mike McGregor says:

    Desmond is awesome. He saved the whole damned series, brother!

  5. XYber Druid says:

    this is what not checking evryday gets me i send the link and im the 5th to comment on it

    this IS on my list of apps when ever the iPhone lite comes to Verizon (its a cool phone and i’m nuts for all things mac but not enough to go to a worse network)

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