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Google Street view spots Waldo buying an iPhone

Where’s Waldo? Apparently he’s at a UK 02 store buying an iPhone!

That’s right, there’s Waldo outside the O2 store at 77 Putney High St Wandsworth, London SW15, UK, where he is obviously about to buy himself an iPhone to take advantage of its GPS capabilities.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Jonathan for the tip!

13 Responses to “Google Street view spots Waldo buying an iPhone”
  1. Vas the Man says:

    Honest question: why is he called “Waldo” in Yankee land and not “Wally” like he’s called everywhere else? Is “Wally” a cuss word to you or something?

  2. Philip Kolbo says:

    You No really i have no idea is he really called wally every where else ? bc i have no idea probably just the telephone effect you no

  3. MacSheikh says:

    ROFL! Did he know the Google car/van/whatever was going to pass by there at that moment? The way he’s posing, it sure seems so. 🙂

  4. Chris Leither says:

    He is called Walter in Germany… at least does his name start with a W

  5. Liam says:

    This has been around for ages, it turns out it was a Easter egg by the UK Google Street View team.

  6. DPintheB says:

    There are books called “Where’s Waldo” written by Martin Handford… they’ve been around for ages.

  7. roy says:

    since it was shot in england it is wally not his american cousin waldo
    lol macbook says waldo isnt a word
    and looks like he has given up so little effort in that shot

  8. Jonathan AKA Chaplare says:

    Well, Waldo has a lot of Alias’ … he is known as –

    Wally, Waldo, Walter, Charlie, Holger, Valli, Willy, Hetti and Effy …

    Originally in 1987, he was Wally when invented by Martin Handford in the UK, the name change was adapted to make him morelovable in the 28 different countries he’s been released in.

    Source –

  9. coolfactor says:

    Waldo is North American, I guess.

  10. Vas the Man says:

    @DPintheB: in other English-speaking markets, the books are called “Where’s Wally”

  11. Vas the Man says:

    @DPintheB: in other English-speaking markets, the books are called “Where’s Wally”
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  12. Looks like Wally has to use the biffy….

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